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After Twilight: Kitty at Play

A fun piece that shows a kitty kat at play. The golden quartz resembles a cat’s eye and also a yarn ball, which the cat playfully has in its grip. The ring’s band is the arms of the cat at its playful pose and tail wrapped along its arm. This ring was designed to fit extremely comfortable around the finger.

Set in 18K Yellow Gold with blackened finish to bring out the kitty’s fur.
Rutiled Quartz. (A golden color cabochon with a cat eye feature). All golden rutiled quartz is natural and will be slightly different in needles/inclusions within the stone.

Carat weight: 10.87 ct.
Width of stone: just over ½” (14.25 mm)
Overall width: 3/16”-7/16” (5.01-10.51 mm) due to various movements.
Thickness: just under 1/8” (1.94 mm)


Price available upon request.

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