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Seasons of Antiquity: Ceres Treasures III Necklace

Ceres, the Roman goddess of the golden harvest, would wear a treasure such as this. This larger rich gold rounded tube alternates with a hint of sturdy gold chain and rough diamonds with a hint of green. This necklace has a bolder look and feel than its daintier, petite counterpart, Ceres II, but consider the beautiful statement you’ll make wearing them together.

Rich 18K Yellow Gold textured rounded tubes and 18K Yellow Standard round chain with rounded lobster clasp.
Rough Diamonds in natural form (sizes vary): 19
Carat weight: Approx. 10 to 22 cts.

Width (tube to diamond): 1/16” to just over ¼” (2.44 mm to 6.94 mm)
Tube size:
Width: from 1/16” to 1/8” (2.52 mm)
Length: just under 7/16” (10.85 mm)
Chain length: 22”


Price available upon request.

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