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Show a Lil Mystery: Sitting Pretty

Inspired by the Vargas girl, our pinup girl hangs from a disc circle of a sexy pinup in all her glory. There has been careful detail to the girl to make her a real masterpiece of art. Three-Dimensional with a smooth polish along with satin finishes are added to the female goddess. For this piece there is added detail and a disc that sparkles with the light of a Drusy stone.

Set in 14K White Gold and 14K Rose Gold details, 14K White Gold standard chain- 16”
Drusy Quartz: Disc: 25mm
Choice of colors: Yellow, White (small crystals) shown, White (big crystals), Black, Charcoal Black, Orange-Red, Brown and White (moon-like pattern).

Width: less than 1 1/8” (28.23mm)
Length: less than 1 7/16” (36.29mm)
Thickness: approx between ½” – 9/16” (14mm) disc base to highest point


Price available upon request.

We offer options of metals, stones, and sizing to fit your desired requirements and budget needs. For more details see customer service and contact us.

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