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Purchasing & Shipping
Those interested in purchasing from the Couture Collection, contact us by email on desired product and we will send you an exact price quote. Most products range in the $150-5000 depending on market value. Options of metals and stones can reflect differently on price quote. Once decided we'll send a bill through Pay Pal.

Please know that items in the Couture Collection are made within approximately 1-1/2 - 2 weeks. Once order is placed and cleared it is made within the 1-1/2 - 2 weeks and then shipped. For MV Creations just 1-2 days and then shipped.

For Domestic: We use insured carriers to ship your purchases securely. Ideally Fed Ex is the choice for the Couture Collection as USPS is for MV Creations. We do not ship orders to P.O. Boxes. For each address provide a secure address for purchase to be sent. All packages that are sent will provide a tracking number with insurance, and an estimated day of delivery. A signature required upon delivery will be issued. We can give you a confirmation when package is on its way with tracking number and estimated delivery once Pay Pal has confirmed and cleared. Make sure to provide an email and a phone number of choice in case to be reached.

For International: Inquire for exact quote via email by providing me with address, contact info, and which country the item needs to be shipped to. Once purchased, a separate bill for shipping will be provided through PayPal. Applicable duties and taxes imposed by customs may apply according to each country.

For each address within the United States, the following charges apply:
-Couture Collection recommendations-
• Fed Ex 2nd Day delivery: $25 (with full coverage insurance value, tracking number, and signature)

–MV Creations recommendations–
• USPS Priority Mail (2-3 days) with tracking number and insurance: $9.95

FREE Shipping on Couture Collection for orders over $200


Sales Tax
It is required by law to collect sales tax on purchases. Sales tax applies to those in the state of California. The rate is calculated based on the tax rate of the zip code the merchandise is being shipped to. There is NO sales tax outside California.

All Payments are made through Pay Pal. We do not take personal checks. And the process of payment must go through before purchase is sent out to destination.


Returns & Refunds
Will only accept returns for exchange for a different size or different item under these conditions:
• Jewelry MUST be in it’s original state it came in meaning it has not been worn, altered, or    damaged.
• Must be returned within 5 days upon the day of delivery and postmarked.
• All Tags MUST be unbroken and attached to jewelry.
• Proof of purchase must be included with the return item. A copy of sales receipt is acceptable.

Items should be returned in well-protected packaging and insured. Will not refund, etc if item is lost in the mail.

Custom order items are not returnable or refundable.


Fingers: The average size ring finger is a size 6. If you don’t know your size-Take your favorite ring that you like the fit and compare to the circle size chart below. After printing chart align your ring with one of the circles. Simply place the your existing ring with the inside edge of the ring fitting against the matching circle. Certain sizes apply to certain sizes. Size availability will be noted by product.

View and print ring sizer.

Wrists. A size 7” wrist is average size for a wrist. If you don’t know your size, take a measure tape and loop around the point just below the wrist bones. Completely measure around without slack avoiding pressure around your wrist. Once you know the size you can add a little bit to it for that extra room.

Necklines: Average size for a neckline is between 16” for smaller necks and 18” for thicker necks and 20” for those that like it a bit longer. Smaller bone individuals usually fit in the 16” and larger frame women prefer an 18” or 20” depending on thickeness of the neck.

International ring size chart conversion
US dia in Inches dia in MM Circum MM British French German Japanese Swiss
4.5 .601 15.27 47.8 I 1/2 - 15 1/4 8 -
5 .618 15.7 49.0 J 1/2 - 15 3/4 9 -
5.5 .634 16.10 50.3 L 51 3/4 16 - 11 3/4
6 .650 16.51 51.5 M 52 3/4 16 1/2 12 12 3/4
6.5 .666 16.92 52.8 N 54 17 13 14
7 .683 17.35 54.0 O 55 1/4 17 1/4 14

15 1/4

7.5 .699 17.75 55.3 P 56 1/2 17 3/4 15 16 1/2
8 .716 18.19 56.6 Q 57 3/4 18 16 17 3/4
8.5 .732 18.53 57.8 - - 18 1/2 17 -
9 .748 18.89 59.1 - - 19 18 -
9.5 .764 19.41 60.3 - - 19 1/2 19 -
10 .781 19.84 61.6 T 1/2 - 20 20 -
10.5 .797 20.20 62.8 U 1/2 - 20 1/4 22 -
11 .814 20.68 64.1 V 1/2 - 20 3/4 23 -
11.5 - 21.08 65.3 - - 21 24 -
12 .846 21.49 66.6 Y 67 1/2 21 1/4 25 27 1/2


Privacy Policy
This site is commited to secure your privacy while visting. Any personal information you provide to me on this website when purchasing online is strictly private and maintained in complete confidentialiliry. Information is not shared with any other parties and will never be sold to such. The information that I may collect is only for my use in surveying and marketing purposes. This site is hosted on secure data networks such as standard firewall and password-protection systems. PayPal is a secure network and handles all payment information.


Jewelry Care
Mineral Gemstones:
Cleaning gemstones regularly using warm water/soap (bar of soap/non-lotion based),
diluted vinegar solution or a liquid soap without lotion ingredients in it. Use a soft polish cloth to dry.

For all Gemstones:
Protect all gemstones from blows, scratches, extreme heat and cold by some of these guidelines and cleaning chart.

  • Remove jewelry before doing any gardening, housework, showering, applying cosmetics, spraying perfume or hairsprays.
  • Only use a cleaning solution suitable for that gem. Some cleaning solutions are too harsh for certain stones. Refer to cleaning chart.
  • Never remove jewelry by pulling on the gemstones or chain.

About Treatments: Gemstones are treated in different ways to improve their appearance. Some of the treatment procedures are centuries old, while others are relatively new. Treatment or enhancement gemstones means any process to make natural gems improved gem’s color, clarity before cutting and polishing. Also improves durablitly for some stones. Please understand that TREATMENT AND ENHANCEMENT has nothing to do with man-created gems or synthetic gems. Treating and enhancing gemstone is a very common step to improve gems appearance. Some treatment and enhancement improved by nature are permanent and cannot be detected. Treatment and enhancement procedure so closely resembles what happens in nature, that one cannot always tell if they have been treated after mining or before. Microscopic examination will sometimes reveal an inclusion that burst during heating treatment, but lacking that there is no way to tell exact that heat treatment was done before or after mining.

Most gemstones need to be stored in a fabric lined box in separate compartments. The Mohr’s scale hardness starting with 1 being the softest to the hardest being 10.

Store organics like pearls, coral, amber separately from all gems. Safer stored in a soft cotton bag.

Instruction chart by stone: Download Now