Jewelry Care

How to Care for Your Jewelry

Tips to upkeep your jewelry with loving care:

  • Remove jewelry before doing any gardening, housework, showering, swimming, applying cosmetics, spraying perfume or hairsprays.
  • Only use a cleaning solution suitable for that gem. Some cleaning solutions are too harsh for certain stones. Refer to cleaning chart.
  • Never remove jewelry by pulling or tugging on the gemstones or chain. Best to be gentle with all jewelry.


Cleaning gemstones regularly using warm water/soap (bar of soap/non-lotion based), diluted vinegar solution or a liquid soap without lotion ingredients in it. Use a soft polish cloth to dry.


Protect all gemstones from blows, scratches, extreme heat and cold by some of these guidelines and cleaning chart for your understanding.

See chart for references.

Jewelry Care Chart, by Gemstone

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Most gemstones need to be stored in a fabric-lined box in separate compartments.

Store organics like pearls, coral, and amber separately from all gems. They are safest stored in a soft cotton bag and placed in a jewelry box.