Jewelry Care

How to Care for Your Jewelry

Tips to upkeep your jewelry with loving care:

  • Please remove jewelry before doing any gardening, cooking, showering, swimming, applying cosmetics, spraying perfume or hairsprays.
    Chemicals such as chlorine could create discolorations and possibly damage a piece.
  • Only use a cleaning solution suitable for that gem. Some cleaning solutions are too harsh for certain stones. Refer to cleaning chart. 
  • Never remove jewelry by pulling or tugging on the gemstones or chain. Best to be gentle with all jewelry.


Cleaning gemstones and gold metals regularly using warm water/soap (mild and non-lotion based soap), a liquid soap without lotion ingredients in it or diluted vinegar solution with a very soft toothbrush. Use a soft non-abrasive polishing cloth to pat dry.


Highly recommend that Silver metals with oxidization be cleaned with only simple warm mild soapy (non lotion based) water and gently rub between fingers. Use a soft non-abrasive cloth to pat dry. The oxidation or patina is set in the metal and should not remove it however it’s best to not use a commercial jewelry cleaner or any harsh chemicals besides warm soapy water that may or could create issues.


Protect all gemstones from blows, scratches, extreme heat and cold by some of these guidelines and cleaning chart for your understanding and curiosity. Ultrasonics can be a little aggressive for natural gemstones.        


Recommend and best to keep pieces stored in a fabric-lined box in separate compartments so they can be protected from any scratching. Store organics like pearls, coral, and amber separately from all gems. They are safest stored in a soft cotton bag and placed in a jewelry box


If you have any care questions, please just send along a message!