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Michelle Valadon Designs
“It is not sufficient to see and to know the beauty of a work. We must feel and be affected by it.” – Voltaire.

Michelle Valadon Designs is proud to present complete, thematic collections of intricately, purposefully designed pieces created to connect the wearer to her truest self. Inspired by the romance, sensuality, intrigue, and sophistication of bygone eras, our gothic inspired jewelry embraces the daring and dares the wearer to embrace the eternal feminine.

Worn by those who have a sense of themselves but want to know more, our jewelry is developed to transform and transport the trendsetter to new heights. Each piece is a unique, limited edition, and exquisitely crafted, as is the wearer. Our purpose is to provide the standout woman adornments that complement and enhance her unique beauty and sense of style.

We believe that craftsmanship should be celebrated and art approaches the sacred. Our jewelry embraces the refined significance for thought out designs and the craftsmanship like the days gone by, before mass production dominance. Our designs carry the emotional essence of human touch and intricate beauty therein. We are all beautifully, uniquely, and individually made, just like the pieces we craft.

Michelle Valadon Designs brings together creativity, balance, and finesse to meet with the sophisticated elements of sacred geometry and alluring feminine shapes. Through the pieces we create and as a reminder as you adorn our jewels, we inspire the wearer to embrace and connect with the beauty that surrounds her and most of all, the beauty that lies within. Step into your light and become transformed.


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