6 Ways Gothic Jewelry Awakens The Divine Feminine In You

6 Ways Gothic Jewelry Awakens The Divine Feminine In You

The divine feminine is the embodiment of the feminine energy in the universe. The divine feminine is the sacred power source that is inherent in ourselves. The duality that gives the universe its balance is represented by the divine masculine and the divine feminine. While the divine masculine connects with the virtues of logic, strength, responsibility, and purpose, the divine feminine is connected with birth, fertility, intuition, creativity, and the cyclical nature of life. With the choice of white metals and dark stones, gothic jewelry symbolizes the manifestation of the divine feminine as it embodies the changes of the seasons and the cycles of the moon. Its flowing patterns, inspired by the architectural elements of European cathedrals, celebrate nature and creation. Rarely does anything represent the awakening of the divine feminine better than the symbolism inherent in Gothic jewelry.

Channeling The Divine Feminine In You

budding Blooms Stud Earrings
 The cyclical nature of the seasons, especially themes of rebirth and spring awakening, embody the spirit of the divine feminine. The divine feminine within you also holds much wisdom, strength, and creativity, it is the fountain of light from which all life originates. The Budding Blooms Stud Earrings connect you with the divine feminine through their floral design, representing spring awakening and rebirth. These black diamond earrings represent this theme perfectly with stones that symbolize the cyclical power of nature aptly placed in a floral setting that embodies life, rebirth, nature, and becoming the potential of self and for others. 


Being In-Tune With Your Emotions


Many of us have tried to suppress our emotions. However, it is attunement with our feelings that is a real sign of strength. Tears are a part of what makes us human and connected to the essence of who we truly are. The Petals of Divina Chandelier Earrings exemplify the attuned emotions of their wearer. Their patterns, reminiscent of cathedral walls, are like windows allowing a glimpse into the wearer's soul. The graceful floral patterns framed by strong metal accents frame the beauty and grace of God’s creations. Onyx is a mighty warrior stone symbolizing harmony, balance, confidence, and being grounded. These teardrop-shaped onyx stones are an apt way to depict the power of the woman who has awakened the divine feminine within herself by embracing her emotions. Like a petal from a full bloom floral and a developed gemstone, they hold true the symbolism of a woman maturing and realizing her full potential in-spite of her flaws. Those flaws are what makes her unique like no other.



Feminine Presence



While the divine masculine is about action, the divine feminine is about presence and reflection. The divine feminine is sometimes about making a statement without the need to be aggressive.  At other times, it recognizes the need to reflect and compromise rather than seek confrontation. The Majestic Necklace makes powerful statements of confidence, balance, harmony, and majesty while being grounded, as exemplified by its prominent onyx stone centerpiece. The radiating patterns of brilliant-cut black onyx stones as laid out in the Majestic Necklace punctuate the subtle power the wearer projects as befitting of the name of the piece. The Majestic Onyx Necklace enhances the beauty of the wearer and makes a silent statement of confidence


Embracing Love


Learning to love is integral to awakening the divine feminine in each of us. Inspired by the flying buttresses holding the majestic cathedrals together and allowing them to reach great heights, these symbolize the wearer’s belief within herself and aligning to that place of something bigger within herself that she can embrace. As the flowing lines of floral patterns form windows that reveal the true subject between graceful forms, these earrings flatter and frame the wearer while allowing the wearer to remain the focal point. The understated  Midnight in Paris Hoop Earrings allows the natural beauty of the wearer to shine through. Inspired by the enchanting architectural elements of European cathedrals, highlighted with black diamonds, these diamond hoop earrings surround, frame, and embrace the most valuable subject of all, you.


Cultivating and Trusting Your Intuition


Like making decisions and balancing intuition and logic, each of us is on an eternal quest to balance these female and male energies. The Dual Harmony Onyx and Black Diamond Necklace symbolize this balance by illustrating the striking contrast between the feminine and the masculine. The open and closed diamond motif lies between intricate faceted onyx beads, symbolizing balance and being grounded. This fashionable silver and onyx necklace is understated yet intricate and powerful and adds a subtle yet commanding look to any wardrobe.


Protecting and Honoring Mother Earth

 The Earth is the embodiment of the divine feminine. She gives life and provides us with all we need to thrive. The Gardens of Adelaide Black Diamonds Pendant Necklace is a celebration, homage, and expression of our connection with her. The intricate, balanced, and beautiful mandala patterns of vines and flowers are a testament to her beauty, love, and joy in full bloom. Dreamy diamonds signify strength and authority. Their permanence serves as a reminder that the Earth was here long before us and will remain long after we are gone. 



Final Thoughts: The Real Strength in You Grows Once You Awaken the Divine Feminine

True strength is when you attain the balance between your divine masculine and divine feminine energies. By achieving this balance, a woman can realize her truest potential because she possesses the virtues that make her fully embrace her feminine side while still preserving the qualities of leadership, purpose, and strength. Michelle Valadon's Enlightenment Collection exemplifies the embodiment of the virtues and merits of the divine feminine. The Enlightenment Collection is also a celebration of the beauty of nature, its life-giving essence, and how it connects us to the divine feminine. This Gothic jewelry line is rich in symbolism representing the divine feminine, from the flowing designs, adaptation of ancient and historical symbols, choice of white metals, to the choice of stones. By wearing these symbols, a woman enhances her unique qualities, inner strength, intuition, grounded nature, and inherent beauty. Awakening the divine feminine in you casts aside the conformity and convention of what society expects you to be and allows you to become what you were born to be, the master of your own destiny.