Sustainable Jewelry

All jewelry designs are created and produced in the USA.

I have sourced from trustworthy reputable dealers of gemstones from all over the world and precious metal refineries in the US that go back generations who believe in quality and in integrity. They are also responsible and comply with laws within the industry such as Fair Trade and Kimberley Process. All Diamonds are GIA or EGLUSA certified.

With my knowledge, training, being GIA certified, and keeping up-to-date on references, I am in a position to take responsibility to offer you the finest quality of artisan jewelry created with finest materials and craftsmanship. I go to great lengths for quality and apply every aspect of each design the moment of sourcing stones that motivates me, to creation of a design that inspires me, to production of a piece for accuracy.

  • All precious stones are natural unless disclosed otherwise along with any treatments
  • All white diamonds being used are natural, VS1 & V2 quality of a F/H in color, and brilliant cuts for smaller stones. Larger stones vary and will be disclosed with all information
  • All precious metals will state .925 (silver), 14K, 18K (gold), an pt 950 (platinum) on piece


Gemstones are treated in different ways to improve their appearance. Some of the treatment procedures have been practiced for centuries, while others are relatively new. Treatment or enhancement on gemstones means any process to make natural gems improved gem’s color, clarity, before cutting and polishing. Also improves durability for some stones. Please understand that treatment and enhancement has nothing to do with man-created gems or synthetic gems. Treating and enhancing gemstone is a very common step to improve gems appearance. Some treatments and enhancement improved by nature are permanent and can’t be detected. Treatment and enhancement procedure so closely resembles what happens in nature, that one can’t always tell if they have been treated after mining or before. Microscopic examination will sometimes reveal an inclusion that burst during heating treatment, but lacking that there is no way to tell exact that heat treatment was done before or after mining.

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