Meet the Designer

Meet Michelle Valadon

Meet Michelle Valadon

I believe in creating unique designs that bring my imagination to life in a beautiful, tangible way that others can enjoy. I’m a visual storyteller and artist, with a divergent mind that is inspired by the world around me. I always knew my place was to create and felt a calling in the arts all of my life.

Through my jewelry, I aspire to inspire the wearer to embrace and connect with the beauty that surrounds them and most of all, the beauty that lies within. Designing brings me joy as it’s where I’m allowed to share my interpretation of the world around me. Being able to express myself in the visual arts breathe life into me.

And a journey begins…

Through my background in graphics, I learned about the mystery of creation and the grid system of sacred geometry. That was where I found great influence, as well as my interests in fashion, photography, and the desire to tell a story that had the power to move someone emotionally. The philosophy of life, mystery of design and creation through spirituality continues to fascinate me.

As I delved deep into my imagination, I found romance, poetry, and the sensuality of femininity to be inspirations in my work. As I observed the beauty around me I was fascinated by how I could channel all my passions and my imagination into jewelry design.

About the Inspiration

History continued to enamor me, particularly in regard to art and jewelry. Long ago, craftsmanship was celebrated and art was sacred. I longed to bring back the appreciation of jewelry that was once present before mass production. I want my designs to carry the emotional essence of human touch. We are all beautifully, uniquely, and individually made, just like these designs we wear. I am captivated by old-world aesthetics of European architecture and gothic couture fashions in which these ideals are exemplified. Various eras such as medieval, turn of the century, and the glamorous vintage periods of the 40’s have driven much of my work.

Along with the romance of the past, spirituality, creation and sacred geometry is evident in my designs. Beauty and the universe was created by a grid system and came from something greater than us, that we are forever connected to. When we are connected we experience empowerment, grace and the feminine divine. Our journey is to return to this and embrace their feminine side that is sensual and bringing us back to the basics and to appreciate nature’s beauty and design where it’s based.

For the wearer…

My journey to becoming a jewelry designer began when I saw how it not only could enhance a wardrobe, but how it brought out a special essence and individuality to the wearer. It was as if embracing this beautiful object brought out her sense of inner knowing. This illustrates that when you accept beauty into your life, you will accept it in yourself.

I feel divinely inspired by observing the world around me and intuitively designing what might be the sought out after. My jewelry is for those who want a unique, stylish piece that feels special and empowers them, embrace their feminine essence, and to live up to their highest, most gorgeous potential.

Michelle Valadon Jewelry brings together design/balance/detail along with sophisticated elements of sacred geometry and alluring feminine shapes.

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