Meet the Designer

Meet Michelle Valadon:  jewelry designer

Meet Michelle Valadon

Dark damask walls, rich and warm brass and ornate crystal chandeliers, sumptuous velvet settees, and deeply toned wood paneling… when I first walked into the arts and music venue that served as my deepest inspiration, I was struck by the aesthetic that would become the driving force behind my creativity. While I had known about high gothic and Belle Epoque style for some time, it was something else entirely to run my hand on time-worn mahogany balustrades, to smell the aromas of hand-cut tobacco and fine perfumes, to be wrapped in luxury and a calming sense of the mysterious.

I saw how this gothic beauty not only could enhance a wardrobe, but how it brought out a special essence and individuality for the wearer. It was as if embracing this beauty brought out her sense of inner knowing. When you accept beauty into your life, you can accept it in yourself.

I am divinely inspired by the world around me and design pieces that tap into this broader sense of connectedness. My jewelry is for those who want a unique, stylish piece that feels special and empowers them, embrace their feminine essence, and helps them to live up to their highest, most radiant potential. Along with the romance of the past, spirituality and sacred geometry are evident in my designs. Naturally occurring beauty and balance are evidenced by the grid system we know as the Golden Ratio of design, also call Sacred Geometry. It’s very existence – and ours – implies that Everything, came from something greater than ourselves, to which, we are forever connected, Through this connection, we experience empowerment, grace, and the divine feminine. Our journey is to return to this and embrace our, feminine sides, parts of us that are sensual and bring us back to our roots where we know, to appreciate nature’s beauty and design where it originates.

As a professional in the jewelry industry, I bring credentials from the Gemological Institute of America with over ten years of experience at fine jewelry boutiques and retailers. Coupling that with my background in graphics, I explore many creative pursuits that include art direction and photo styling for fashion shoots, especially for the presentations of treasured products I create, furthering the stories, symbolism, and the narrative vignettes that bring my visions to life. Romance, poetry, and the examination of the sensuality of femininity inspire my work. I have channeled all these passions and imagination into jewelry design and the imagery.

I am captivated by old world aesthetics of gothic architecture and the dark romantic couture fashions in which these ideals are exemplified. Various eras such as the medieval period, turn of the 20th century, and the glamorous vintage periods to Old Hollywood have driven much of my work.

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