Edwardian Jewelry

These Edwardian jewelry pieces are hand-made, like the fin de siècle jewelry that inspired them. Their ethereal and delicate lines are finely crafted expressions that evoke images of aristocratic parties and feminine sophistication. 

Edwardian Earrings

Curated from the Winter Dreams collection pieces, these Edwardian earrings have intricate beadwork and finely detailed milgrain that characterize the elegant pieces from the period. With mesmerizing moonstones and diamonds, they perfectly blend with shimmering white gold to create the sparkle of winter while harking back to the new “white” jewelry that perfectly fits the haute couture of Edwardian fashion. Michelle Valadon’s Edwardian earrings perfectly fit the modern woman, whether worn with delicate fabrics or modern outfitting options.

Edwardian earrings

The floral theme of these daisy earrings, with intricate metalwork, diamonds, and moonstones in brilliant splendor, captures the subtle sparkle and beauty of winter.

Daisy Drops Earrings

This intricately crafted piece is made of 14K white gold lace, scalloped and beaded to perfectly lend an ethereal glow to the moonstone and diamonds, recreating the beauty of a winter's night.

Lady Lace Chandelier Earrings

Edwardian Necklace

The ultrafeminine aesthetic of its necklaces also characterizes the Edwardian era. Its ethereal and delicate pendants with garland and geometric motifs provoke a feminine essence, lending the wearer a sophisticated, regal elegance. Dazzling diamonds and moonstones perfectly blend with intricate metalwork in white gold to give this piece its exceptional shine.

Chantilly Lace Pendant Necklace

Its ethereal 14K white gold lace applique forms a floral design with dazzling diamonds surrounding a stunning moonstone evocative of the romance felt on a winter's night.

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Winter Daisy Pendant Necklace

A floral motif highlighted with dazzling diamonds and intricate milgrain perfectly enhances the rich blue moonstone, combining to form an elegant expression of the beauty of winter.

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Lil Ice Daisy Pendant Necklace

An intricate but dainty piece, tiny diamonds sparkle with a bead center that lends its sparkle to a budding daisy motif.

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Edwardian Rings

Edwardian rings often also feature intricate lines and garland or nature-inspired motifs that characterize the earrings and necklace pendants of the era. Usually worn stacked, Edwardian earrings feature white precious stones, such as diamonds, often paved or lined the entire ring.  

Eternal Leaves of Winter Ring

Its unique wavy pathway of paisley leaves with diamonds is lined with two eternity diamond bands, echoing a wintry pathway of fallen foliage.

Frequently Asked Questions on Edwardian Jewelry

Refined and elegant, Edwardian jewelry was introduced right before the end of Queen Victoria’s reign and is attributed to her successor, King Edward VII (1901 to 1915). Edwardian jewelry profoundly expresses femininity through its fine and delicate lines. It incorporates “white” gemstones and metals, such as white gold, sterling silver, and platinum, setting diamonds and moonstones. Colored gems, such as opals and sapphires, are used for a pop of color.

Victorian jewelry, though created over seventy years and with three distinct periods, favors bolder colors, darker metals, and gemstones with elaborate designs. On the other hand, Edwardian jewelry embraces lighter colors, such as white gold, platinum, and diamonds, with a more delicate feminine aesthetic.

Yes. Michelle Valadon’s Winter Dreams collection of Edwardian jewelry incorporates the beauty and delicate details of the Edwardian era with a versatile modern flair that suits any outfitting option.