Product Questions

All creations are never plated and never plated over base metals. All creations are handcrafted in solid, ethically sourced fine metals in silver, 14 karat, 18 karat, 22 karat golds, to platinum and palladium. All pieces will be stamped indicating which metal. I use a black rhodium oxidized patina for mostly the silver collection to give an age antique look highlighting textures that gives that old world other timely treasure to it. The finish is set within the metals and shouldn’t rub off. A high polish is used for gold collections. A patina with the gold is an option.

All silver creations with the oxidized patina are usually set in and tarnish is not an issue as I’ve found to be minimal. If it’s bothersome there is argentine silver, which will not tarnish. Please inquire if this is something you prefer and if it’s a concern.

The beauty of these treasures I specifically source and hand pick by resources that trace back to their sources of origin. Please see sustainability under the about section in the menu for more details.

If a piece of jewelry is $39.95, $59.99, or $139.95 you know two things –– it is made in the far east with very low wage workers

and/or it is made in runs of thousands. Only very large companies can afford to make runs in the thousands. Quality is usually less, metal weight is light, and designs are simple. If small-mid companies are charging this and there’s any intricate work present I question the quality of it or/and I question who is being exploited.

Small companies, such as mine, use manufacturers in the U.S.A. the manufacturers charge a living wage, and while they do give a cost break on making large quantities, small companies rarely can take advantage of this. Also, the more intricate the piece is…the more the cost to manufacture.

Michelle Valadon designs are intricate, have a good metal weight, designed by me personally, and manufactured in the U.S.A. the prices are the best I can give due to the above reasons. You will have jewelry that you will not see coming and going. I put the utmost care and time into each piece to assure you the quality, craftsmanship, and beauty that you believe in and will treasure for years to come.

Yes, absolutely. Do refer to my customer care & policies page for additional information.

For made to order items once payment is cleared an order is immediately worked on and put through production here in the USA where I oversee it. Once the item is ready you will be notified and the item will be shipped. A tracking number will be included.

Being a small operation, all creations are typically made to order, in limited quantities and are handcrafted; therefore not all are produced beforehand. Please allow 2-3 weeks for production along with additional time for shipment. Choice options for shipping times are offered in checkout. Once your order is placed and cleared, your item is sent to production to be made. Then it will be shipped to you with a notification and tracking number.

For in-stock creations (as stated or listed as available) you will be notified that the item is ready to ship. Please give one business day to prepare for shipping.

Modifications on existing pieces allow 2-3 weeks, yet more significant time will be required for specific stones and cuts that are more rare in nature to finding the perfect stone or rough and the time to perfect the cut. For bespoke customs allow 7-10 weeks. Please refer to custom page for further details or contact me.

Michelle Valadon designs ships securely and carefully by packing items within package for its safe travel. Items are shipped in oversize boxes for security. In some cases, they are double-boxed.

Within these boxes, each creation comes in a gift box revealing a beautiful wrapped packaging creation of old world style, a champagne colored logo wax seal, and satin deep sangria red ribbon.

At this time, I unfortunately do not. To keep everything fair and organized, I take in orders as a first come first serve. Please send me a message if you have placed your order and would like to upgrade to faster shipping.

Please refer to the sizing page for guidance and charts to help determine sizing. Please contact me if you have any concerns or questions on this.

I will be happy to size a ring by exchanging for your size. For bracelets I suggest to size up a little if you have a larger wrists than the average standard wrist size. Please notify me by sending me an email on what you would like, or for returning the item, and we can work it out. Return postage is not provided.

Yes and no. We can work with you to customize an original design that you can call your own. Best is to provide me with a general idea that I can work and build from and create a personalized unique piece based on the information you provide me. I’m not able to quote or create on other artists or company’s work due to the respect I will not infringe.

I believe it is important for you to fully express your uniqueness.

We will give your piece the time, care, and attention it deserves to ensure that your jewelry will enrich your experiences.

To get started, please fill out the bespoke custom request form on the custom page of this site.

Yes. We are open to customizing our existing gothic jewelry pieces, including the preferred stones. For instance, you may replace the diamonds in your diamond earrings with faceted onyx. Also different options of metals are available for your preference. Do note that pricing is subject to change reflecting on the value of metal and stone pricing at the time. I will let you know for your approval at that price and need approval and nonrefundable payment before proceeding with any custom work.

Additionally, we can also customize necklace length, ring size, and other options.

For customizations, please complete the custom preference on existing collections request form on the custom page of this site.

Not recommended since commercial jewelry cleaners and harsh chemicals might remove the oxidation or patina set on the metal. Even though these pieces are set in with the oxidation and patina, I prefer safer options to clean the jewelry.

The best way to clean textured silver is with simple warm water with a mild soap while rubbing the piece with your fingers. Do not wipe the pieces vigorously. Use only a soft, non-abrasive cloth to pat dry.

No. The mandala pendant with a silver filigree chain with oxidized finishes is $32 more than if you opt for silk ribbons.

However, the price doesn’t change between 16” and 18” options for the silk ribbons or the silver chain.

You can choose both the ribbons and the silver chain along with the mandala pendant bracelet in a single purchase.

The current selection of gothic rings available on our site do not include the type of diamond rings that are traditionally considered engagement rings.

However, we are open to customizing an existing ring in our collection or creating a custom engagement ring of your own design. We can create uniquely just for you.

Please contact me at before or after purchase with any questions or concerns.

We prefer selecting from our small network of diamond and precious stone dealers for the stone we will be setting in your bespoke jewelry.

However, we are open to discussing this possibility with you if you contact us directly at

If you have a specific bespoke custom request using our supplied jewelry, please fill out the contact form on our custom jewelry page. You can mention your particular circumstances once we reach out to you.

The prices posted on the website are standard for all the diamond rings in our existing collections.

However, the price may vary if you specifically state your stone option preferences when you customize one of our existing designs.

For instance, in the case of diamonds of eternity ring, you may fill out the first contact form on our custom jewelry page to specify the quality, size, and other stone options for your ring.

Please allow an approximate lead time of seven to ten weeks for the completion of a custom piece.

However, depending on the complexity of the design, the lead time may change.

We will follow up and communicate with you at each step of the manufacturing process to update you on the status of your order.

For more details on lead time and any questions about custom pieces, you may contact us directly by emailing

Yes. All of our diamonds are EGL-USA or GIA-Certified.

We source only from reputable gemstone dealers worldwide.

Our partners comply with all existing industry laws, such as the Kimberley Process and fair trade laws.

Our current collection does not include any platinum pieces.

However, you may request platinum as your choice of metal when you arrange for us to make custom from the existing collection or a bespoke custom jewelry piece made for you.

When you select platinum as the precious metal of choice for your piece, we will use platinum at pt 950 or platinum at 95% purity.

Yes. We can incorporate yellow gold, or any other precious metals you choose, into any of our existing designs.

Please fill out the first form you will find on this page and make sure to specify the metal that you desire.

Yes. If you are interested in becoming a wholesale partner for Michelle Valadon jewelry designs, please fill out the contact form on this page.

If you have any problems with our form, email us at

We stand behind the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each piece we make. If you have an issue with the quality of a piece, please send us an email to

 We offer re-sizing, repairing, tightening, and re-stringing services for all products for the first three months after their purchase.

We will charge a fee to cover the costs of repairs if the purchase was made more than three months before you notify us.

The customer will pay for the shipping either way.

The customer will pay for the shipping either way.

Returns & Exchanges

If an item arrives misshapen or damaged due to shipping, I will gladly repair it. If there is a problem concerning any order in receiving it, please contact me. I will always work with you to the best I can to make sure the item is just what you want it to be.

Please take note that it takes a great deal of time and resources to make each custom piece to your exact specifications. As much as possible, we pursue to execute our work flawlessly to ensure each bespoke piece fits your demands. In this regard, we don’t usually refund or accept returns for our custom-made jewelry.

Yes, I do with the first 3 months free of charge after purchase. After 3 months there would be a fee or costs of what the repairs would cost. See policies page for details. Also contact me for questions and concerns.

Please take note that it takes a great deal of time and resources to make each custom piece to your exact specifications. As much as possible, we pursue to execute our work flawlessly to ensure each bespoke piece fits your demands. In this regard, we don’t usually refund or accept returns for our custom-made jewelry.

Shipping & Handling

Yes. You may order our jewelry from abroad. All international packages will be declared at their full value. The recipient is responsible for covering all applicable customs fees. Please take note that the customs fees, duties, taxes, and shipping costs are not included in the item price and will be additional.