Custom Jewelry


Rather it's customization on existing collections or Bespoke original custom designs that you can call your very own, it's important that your desires for uniqueness meet your expectations to your full self expression. My resources and I take tremendous time and care with the fabrication and the attention to detail given to each piece of jewelry that is intended to add value for your enriched experiences!

I’m open to customization on my existing collections. This leaves room for modifications to fit your needs to what’s being offered on the site. Whether it’s a ring size, a necklace length, a diamond, or variation of stones you would prefer, I can provide this custom request for you! Contact me upon this request before you order online. I will confirm with you the possibilities along with an estimated cost for any size variations, a different metal or/and gemstone(s).

If you are interested in specific modification from the existing collections, please fill out form.

Though all jewelry pieces are made of the finest materials and are designed to be durable, they will require loving care to last for generations. Visit our jewelry care page to learn more.

Visit the sizing page to learn more about ensuring that your custom piece will fit the intended wearer perfectly.

Please note:

All custom order items are not returnable or refundable. Price varies less or more due to specific custom features applied along with the type of metal and gemstones requested. 

Please allow 2-3 weeks; however, for special request on specific stones and cuts that are more rare in nature, more significant time will be required.


Are you truly looking for one-of-a-kind custom made piece, only one of its kind to exist that you can call your very own? Or are you just looking for that perfect ideal stone? With a small network of precious stone and diamond dealers, master model makers, casters, and setters I work closely with, I can provide that particular stone you desire or/and that piece you have dreamed to have created for you. It is sure to be an eye catcher that you can call your very own and cherished for generations to come.

If you are interested in collaborating on a specific request for a Diamond(s)/Precious stone(s) and/or on your original created designed piece(s), please fill out form.


  • Arrange an initial consultation by phone where I will call you to discuss your needs, style and timeline 
  • Hand select the perfect stone with all the information needed for your approval.

For stone only we will be completed unless you want to proceed to a custom piece, we then would:

  • Collaborate on your custom design and variation of sketches to be shared for your approval
  • The approved design goes into custom fabrication and into production
  • And your beautiful design is created and ready!

Please note:

All custom order items are not returnable or refundable. Remember that custom one of a kind pieces are specific to you and unable to take back. Also custom pieces are more extensive in price and extensive in time. Allow approximate lead time of 7-10 weeks or more depending on the complexity of the piece for Bespoke Custom pieces and/or on specific gemstones.  I will be following up and communicating with you on each step of the way to assure you of each process.

A 50% non refundable deposit is required in order for this to start.

Please do not ask for quotes on other artists or company’s work. Due to respect of others work I will not infringe on theirs.