Romantic and Corporate Gothic Jewelry

Defining Romantic and Corporate Gothic Jewelry and Style

Today, there are more reasons than ever to choose gothic jewelry. Gothic jewelry can provide the avenue for profound expression through its deep symbolism, intricate designs, and dark romantic themes. Gothic jewelry, as is gothic fashion, has evolved into many subgenres that fit particular design tastes. From traditional gothic styles with their intricate flowing patterns and dark themes to aristocratic gothic styles that are inspired by 18th and 19th-century aristocratic fashion, each style provides an avenue that perfectly showcases the wearer’s unique soul.

Corporate gothic and romantic gothic are two styles that tap into the light and dark feminine essence of a woman. With the pace of life that blurs the lines between work and pleasure, these two gothic jewelry styles appear profoundly divergent. Each style offers distinct ways of providing character to the wearer. However, both are perfect styles in their unique ways.

What Is Corporate Gothic Jewelry and Style? 

Suppose you were deeply into the gothic subculture in your younger days; and the fondness for the lifestyle and the aesthetics holds true to your soul.  Does entering the workforce and starting a career mean that you cannot hold on to the aesthetic that you most closely identify with? Though people deeply into the subculture seek to express themselves through gothic fashion, the nature of their jobs limits their design choices to more subdued options. This is the particular niche that corporate goth style and corporate gothic jewelry fit into. With clean and simple lines and a preference for white metals, such as white gold, platinum, stainless steel, and silver, these designs are understated yet blend perfectly with subtle gothic motifs into traditional jewelry designs like chains, earrings, necklaces, and other pieces. With simple black attire and a few accessories, there is room to decide how edgy to make your style. Fine corporate gothic jewelry provides the opportunity to vamp it up tastefully and create an empowering aura. Corporate gothic jewelry allows the wearer to express their dark romanticism in a corporate setting in a more subtle way than traditional goth style, giving the wearer a professional look no matter their job.

The best examples of corporate gothic jewelry are handmade with the same care and attention paid when crafting other types of fine jewelry. The jeweler ensures the perfect amalgamation of specific motifs, such as crosses, diamond patterns, and architecture-inspired designs, however, to create a style that is refined, sophisticated, and slightly modern, that helps these jewelry pieces blend well in a professional setting. These qualities make fine corporate gothic jewelry the perfect way to express the gothic aesthetic while blending into a professional setting.  

Your Corporate Gothic Jewelry Choices 

Michelle Valadon offers several gothic jewelry pieces that satisfy the criteria for corporate gothic jewelry. With their muted colors, diminutive sizes, and versatility, these pieces will blend in perfectly with professional attire:

Diamonds of Eternity Diamond Ring

Diamonds of Eternity Diamond Ring

The ethereal repeating diamond patterns in the Diamonds of Eternity Diamond Ring, highlighted with brilliant cut diamonds, is the ultimate expression of the feminine essence. Its eye-pleasing motif, which profoundly symbolizes the eternal, blends well with any professional wardrobing option. The Diamonds of Eternity comes in a polished version that highlights refineness, and an antiqued version of Gothic Diamonds giving another angle of style. Their subdued diamond shape adds the modern touch with accents of intricate milgrain detailing that allows the versatility required for the corporate gothic style.

The Geometric Passion bracelet is the perfect modern gothic statement that stands out with its refined polished aesthetic of geometric patterns of diamond shapes, circles, and floral motifs. Whether worn alone or when paired with the Diamonds of Eternity ring, this piece provides a more modern aesthetic approach to one’s corporate gothic style attire.

Dual Harmony Onyx & Black Diamond Gothic Necklace

dual harmony onyx & black diamond gothic necklace

The alternating open and diamond motif of the  Dual Harmony Onyx and Black Diamond Gothic Necklace laid among luxurious black onyx beads provides an intricate touch to this rosary-inspired necklace. This dainty piece can provide a subtle addition to or become a prominent feature in a professional wardrobe. Also, the rosary-inspired necklaces that are offered in The Enlightenment collection provide great styling options and additional accents to the canvas created by a black canvas wardrobe. 

Gardens of Adelaide Black Diamond Silver or Gold Gothic Necklace 


The choice of a chain and black silk ribbon holding the intricate mandala necklace of the Gardens of Adelaide Black Diamond White Gold piece provides a strong statement necklace yet preserves the professional air that perfectly complements corporate-style wardrobe choices. Choosing a chain with a sleek gold pendant can provide more of an everyday corporate style. In contrast, ribbons with the silver antiqued aesthetic create a more dressy professional look and cross-over to romantic aesthetic appeal. The romantic feel of the lacy craftsmanship adds a styling interest and contrast that complements one’s corporate wardrobe or can provide accents to the romantic style aesthetics of one’s wardrobe expression.

What Is Romantic Jewelry and Style ?



The romantic gothic style was derived from gothic literature, music, and fashion of the romantic era and its mysterious imagery. It’s the emphasis on romance and elements of the past that provides its vintage-inspired style, channeling elements that bring a feminine mystic to a woman’s aura. It brings forth a way for them to express themselves through their dress that reflects their soul. It is the elegant and mysterious woman who seeks to embrace her femininity. 

Romantic gothic jewelry is characterized by its intricate and delicate flowing patterns. Its eye-catching designs perfectly capture the feminine essence and sensuality. Romantic gothic jewelry pieces and style often feature themes associated with nature and the divine feminine and are inspired by vintage elements and architecture. Flowing vines and flowers often decorate romantic gothic pieces that are accented with high-quality stones, such as black diamonds, black onyx, garnets, and many more. The best romantic jewelry examples are handcrafted and hand-finished to create an exceptional, unique, and one-of-a-kind look.

 Romantic jewelry appeals to women who seek pieces that set them apart. These pieces are not just something they can appreciate and admire, but something that speaks profoundly to their souls. Romantic gothic jewelry captures the darkly romantic, edgy, and vintage aesthetic style that makes a strong statement. Though romantic gothic jewelry often stands out when worn with formal evening attire including velvet, silk, and intricate embroidery, these pieces are versatile.  Michelle Valadon has created many intricate pieces that exemplify the romantic gothic style.  A few of these include:

Windows to the Soul Garnet Bracelet Cuff 


The Windows to the Soul Garnet Bracelet Cuff is inspired by sacred geometry. Its deep red garnets punctuate the divine feminine and the full potential inside each woman.

Its intricate intertwining patterns are reminiscent of old-world gothic windows and are rich-textured silver expressions of nature’s perfection.  

The Majestic Faceted Onyx Necklace and Gothic Rose Ring

Faceted Onyx Necklace

The Majestic Faceted Onyx Necklace makes a strong statement of romanticism, sensuality, and the dramatic. Its gleaming Brazilian onyx, held by intricate silver work, is arranged in a radiating layout that enhances the beauty and charm of the wearer.

Rose Ring

The Gothic Rose ring, made of faceted onyx held by a finely crafted frame, has an old world romance that matches well with the Majestic Faceted Onyx or worn alone for that theatrical appeal and mystique.

Strength in Virtue Ruby Maltese Cross Ring


The Strength in Virtue Maltese Cross Ring combines the qualities of virtue and courage with the sensual and passionate charm of ruby. Romantic gothic jewelry is also inspired by images and legends of the past, as characterized by how the textured silver and Maltese cross evokes images, intrigue, and history of the Medieval times. 

Romantic and Corporate Gothic Jewelry Have Their Own Unique Style That Suit Every Woman

Both romantic and corporate gothic jewelry offer their own unique style and feel that is perfect for the appropriate setting. In the professional setting, corporate gothic provides profound expression by using cleaner and more modern design cues that are versatile and more subdued. While on the other hand, romantic gothic jewelry uses delicate materials, intricate patterns, and natural themes that provide a more seductive and more profound appeal to the wearer. However, it is essential to note that these styles are not mutually exclusive. You may blend some aspects from either style to formulate the ideal look for you. There is a versatility to what the Michelle Valadon Collection offers and what she keeps in mind when designing each piece. A playful nature balanced with a sophisticated approach is amplified throughout her work. What is essential is to find a style that speaks closely about your soul and represents who you are. Whether you choose to wear a piece of romantic or corporate gothic jewelry, wear it confidently and enjoy the unique style and flair they provide.