Exploring Unique Gemstones in Vintage-Inspired Jewelry Beyond Diamonds

Exploring Unique Gemstones in Vintage-Inspired Jewelry Beyond Diamonds

Vintage-inspired jewelry captures the heart and enraptures the imagination, unlike any other jewelry. Borrowing from design cues from centuries past, the intricate craftsmanship and exceptional designs always capture the attention of those who behold them. However, the value of vintage-inspired jewelry transcends beauty. Behind their design, they encapsulate profound stories and themes that actualize the wearer. Apart from their flowing designs, vintage-inspired jewelry pieces like those crafted by Michelle Valadon’s designs incorporate unique gemstones that complete each one with unique allure. Let’s explore these dazzling gemstones and how they play their part in enhancing her creations. 

Stepping Beyond Diamonds, the Choice of Unique Gemstones

The popularity of diamonds is unquestioned. Women’s affinity for diamonds goes back to when they were introduced in the 11th Century. Tools of that period only allowed diamonds of extraordinary size to be used, making diamond jewelry more rare than today. By the 15th century, advancements in the precision of diamond cutting led to more widespread use. They were further popularized by the famous engagement ring Archduke Maximilian of Austria bestowed upon Mary of Burgundy. Today, they are among the most preferred gemstones worldwide. From bracelets to rings, diamonds are used as accent stones in many of Michelle Valadon's creations, such as in the Chantilly Lace Moonstone Pendant Necklace

However, diamonds are not alone in their popularity throughout the ages. Various unique gemstones have graced the finest jewelry pieces throughout history, from Gothic, Victorian, and Edwardian jewelry to Art Deco pieces. These gems lend character, symbolism, and beauty to the pieces they grace. Michelle Valadon’s creations incorporate these unique gemstones in vintage-inspired jewelry pieces from various collections.

Black Onyx

Unique Gemstones

Black onyx is a powerful warrior stone believed throughout history to have numerous healing properties that benefit the mind and body. The onyx symbolizes confidence, balance, harmony, and grounding, often associated with elegance, strength, beauty, and sophistication. Black onyx has been used throughout history in jewelry and amulets across many cultures since the era of the Ancient Greeks and Romans. Because of its deep black color, onyx was highly prized in the Victorian era for the way it was the ideal accent for jewelry produced during the mourning period following the death of Prince Albert.

With design cues from the Victorian era, the Majestic Black Onyx Necklace from the Enlightenment Collection features stunning Brazilian black onyx stones prized for their size, purity, and rarity. Finely faceted, they also symbolize the million different sides of the wearer. With a radiating layout framed in delicate silver, the stones exude an air of regal splendor with the timeless brilliance of bygone eras. 


Unique Gemstones

Garnet is a stone closely associated with commitment and protection. Throughout history, it has been thought to be a healing stone, a signifier of friendship, and believed to have healing properties and the ability to bolster self-confidence. It is one of the oldest gemstones to be used in jewelry, with pieces dating back to the Ancient Egyptians. Garnet was also popular in ancient Rome and widely used among the nobility during the Medieval period.

With its gothic-inspired design, the stunning Windows of the Soul Garnet Bracelet Cuff features deep red garnets. Inspired by sacred geometry, the bracelet is formed by a universal grid of balance and beauty, celebrating nature’s perfect design. Reminiscent of vintage jewelry, these dazzling red gemstones punctuate the textured nature-inspired design, forming old-world gothic windows, culminating in a piece reminiscent of the distant past along with the textures it embodies


Unique Gemstones

The ethereal beauty of the moonstone is profoundly associated with women, the inner goddess, and sensuality. Its heavenly appearance and icy blue and white hues connect them deeply with the moon, hence its name. Considered a feminine stone, moonstone is believed to enhance feminine energies, intuition, sensitivity, emotions, and inner wisdom. Their icy and deeply spiritual charm can be seen in pieces from the ancient Greeks and Romans to the Art Nouveau period. Today, they are a preferred choice of gemstones for Michelle Valadon’s Winter Dreams collection to return home to her feminine essence and allure.

The Winter Awakenings Moonstone Pendant prominently features the beauty and mystery of the moonstone. The design of this splendid pendant necklace is reminiscent of pieces from the Renaissance period, with an icy cluster of tiny diamonds mounted in antique detailing framing a cool, glacial, bluish-white moonstone.


Unique Gemstones

Though discovered relatively recently, prehnites, named after its discoverer Colonel Hendrik von Prehn, were introduced to the West in the late 18th Century. Though the stone typically occurs in green, specimens are blue, pink, and white, and recently, an orange variety has been discovered in South Africa. Prehnite is a stone of protection and a lucky stone for healers, such as therapists, health professionals, and herbalists. It is also believed to be a stone of dreaming and stimulates inner knowing. 

The Gate to Enlightenment Prehnite Earrings from the Seasons of Antiquity collection have an elegant design with a repeating diamond gate motif in white gold or the choice of silver as an option. They frame a stunning 12mm prehnite, evoking an image of a green hillside garden bound by a white gold fence. Their elegant and timeless design symbolizes the desire to break through and seek enlightenment.


Unique Gemstones

Ruby is an ancient stone originally mined in present-day Myanmar (formerly Burma). Termed in India as the “king of precious stones,” its rarity, beauty, and hardness are second only to diamonds. Throughout history, it has been highly sought out for seemingly mystical powers. In the West, Medieval Europeans believed that rubies bestowed health, wealth, wisdom, and success in love and represented nobility, purity, and passion.

The Strength in Virtue Ruby Maltese Cross ring features a stunning ruby mounted at the center of a textured Maltese cross. There, the deep, blood-red gemstone appears to be protected by strength and virtue. The antiqued finish with beadwork resembles armor worn by medieval soldiers and is also a symbol of the armor of her resilience that blossoms to her full potential

The Captivating Beauty of Vintage-Inspired Jewelry by Michelle Valadon

Michelle Valadon offers a unique opportunity to blend the timeless elegance of the past with the captivating beauty of unique gemstones. These gemstones, each with its unique history, symbolism, and character, add a personal touch and a profound meaning to your chosen piece. They transcend beauty and sublimely actualize your femininity.

Michelle Valadon’s designs showcase the power of incorporating these gemstones. From creating a regal presence through the incorporation of black onyx to the ethereal beauty of moonstone, each piece tells a story waiting to be uncovered.

Each of Michelle Valadon’s handcrafted designs incorporates these unique gemstones to allow you to embrace your individuality and femininity with an exceptional piece that speaks to your soul. Explore more of Michelle Valadon’s collections and discover your own perfect treasure!