Gothic Rings for Women: Why You Should Have One

Gothic Rings for Women: Why You Should Have One

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Gothic rings are an essential element of gothic fashion. The gothic culture arose from the sceneries of the dark and romance of architecture, literature, music, and style where fashion and music met. Gothic fashion saw a surge in popularity in the early 80s, 90s, and into the 2000s that served as a subtle form of rebellion, a way of self-expression, and individualism to the sense of empowerment. In the modern-day, gothic fashion and gothic jewelry most especially gothic rings, has exerted a powerful influence on every day style along with fashion trends to the couture runways of fashion powerhouse designers.

Michelle Valadon creates gothic rings and other gothic jewelry with subtleness and designs that make them an alluring choice for any woman. Rings in particular are typically a fashion stable that identifies an individual’s style and taste that frames and accentuates a wearer’s aesthetics while making a statement. The Gothic rings made by Michelle Valadon are greatly inspired and influenced by medieval to turn-of-the-century design elements with their refined look, subtle elegance, and an emphasis on femininity that distinguishes the Romantic Goths and Corporate Goths from other Gothic styles. While there are many reasons to love gothic rings, as our hands are an expression of who we are; there are a few key reasons Michelle Valadon’s designs are a must-have for any woman. 

Gothic Rings Have Deep Symbolism

Gothic Rings Have Deep Symbolism 

What sets gothic jewelry apart from other jewelry types is the meaning behind its intricate patterns. In the case of gothic jewelry, each line, choice of metals and stones, and its labyrinthine forms mean something much more profound than pure aesthetics.

In the same way that jewelry pieces make a woman’s outfit look complete, gothic jewelry, with its deep symbolism, paints a complete picture of a woman inside and out. The Maltese Cross Ring, Strength in Virtue, is one such ring because it contains the deep symbolism characteristic of gothic rings. The Maltese cross transcends spiritual or religious beliefs and symbolizes virtue, courage, and strength. This gothic ring is a canvas of patterns, such as the beadwork standing out over a textured silver patina, giving it its timeless charm. At the center is a ruby representing vitality, nobility, purity, and a life filled with passion and sensuality. Beyond the striking aesthetics of this ring is its ability to allow the wearer to express her strength and the passion meshed in her heart.

Gothic Rings Can Match Any Outfit


The aesthetics of ordinary jewelry usually match a single occasion or a specific type of clothing. Since its inception, gothic jewelry, especially gothic rings, have always presented an opportunity for wearers to express themselves. The understated choice of colors for metals and stones and its aesthetics provide gothic jewelry with the versatility to one’s wardrobing. Gothic jewelry, with its bold designs along with fine intricate patterns carries a style that matches well with understated cutting edge fashion choices to prominent and sensual evening attire.

  Gothic Jewelry for Women

The Gothic Diamonds Black Diamond Ring is a strong statement symbolizing the immortal with its repeating diamond-shaped patterns symbolizing balance and harmony. Bonded by spell-binding black diamonds, each diamond is surrounded by mesmerizing floral-inspired milgrain beadwork. With a textured silver patina giving it a timeless appeal, it appears to become one with the wearer as if becoming her inseparable part throughout the day. 

Gothic Rings Are Great for Mixing and Matching 

Gothic Rings

With conventional types of jewelry, wearing multiple pieces may end up looking gaudy or garish. With gothic rings, you have the freedom to express yourself by wearing multiple rings without looking overdone. With their luxurious cuts, lines, and colors, you can create a custom layered or edgy look with a style and sophistication that makes a statement and presence. This sense of style is a characteristic that other jewelry doesn’t usually provide. 

Even with three rings worn together on one hand on different fingers, the brilliance of a black faceted rose cut onyx, diamonds, and the deep red ruby set in textured silver, blend seamlessly to complement each other.

Gothic Rings is a Stylish Way To Embrace Your Essence as a Woman

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The intricate lines and charm of gothic rings on a woman’s fingers do not end with enhancing the wearer’s beauty. These fine pieces set a woman apart through the uniqueness and symbolism behind the style, design, and choice of jewels. Gothic rings truly bring out her allure, beauty, and essence.

The Gothic Rose faceted onyx cocktail ring, with its intricate floral design and detailed textures embracing a fabulously brilliant black onyx, brings out the qualities that represent the essence of a woman. The onyx is a profoundly symbolic stone recognized throughout the centuries as being a mighty warrior stone. With a mesmerizingly deep black color, black onyx symbolizes confidence, balance, and being grounded. The surrounding features of the delicate lines that set the stone represent nature and rebirth as a flower in full bloom combined with a structure and strength of gothic architecture elements holding its sacredness and beauty. 

The ethereal white gold repeating diamond patterns in the Diamonds of Eternity women’s gothic ring, combined with the finely detailed milgrain work setting that holds dazzling white diamonds, exude feminine essence. The significance of diamonds as a symbol of strength, courage, power, imagination, and pure love is framed in an eye-pleasing, exceptionally feminine motif.

Gothic Rings Are Intensely Beautiful


Gothic Rings


The details that give form to Michelle Valadon’s fine gothic rings also make them beautiful. The play of light on ornate metallic lines, whether textured silver or shiny white gold, and the mesmerizing stones, whether rubies, diamonds, or onyx, give each ring a hypnotic charm. The craftsmanship and choice of form bring an other-worldly joy that harks back to a glorious time in the past, providing a romantic appeal. Once placed on the hands of the wearer, the exquisite forms of gothic jewelry take on another more magnificent incarnation as they enhance and reflect the woman who wears them.  

Final Thoughts

Gothic jewelry is truly exceptional with its understated colors, choice of stones, and intricate patterns. The gentle curves, bold statements, striking vintage accents, and patterns make the wearer more beautiful and give us a picture of who she is. Gothic rings are known for being liberating in expression and have deeper symbolism than other types of rings. In their current form, as crafted by Michelle Valadon, these gothic rings for women become remarkable pieces that give each woman a myriad of reasons to own one. Not only are Michelle Valadon’s rings profoundly beautiful with their intricate designs, they are also made to be comfortable to wear. Moreover, we can also work closely with you to craft bespoke gothic rings with custom designs as individual and unique as you. Michelle Valadon also allows you to have these rings fit you without compromising their designs. Each piece is lovingly crafted to be magnificent and sublime, not only as pieces of fine jewelry but as pieces meant to make a woman complete.