Handcrafted Jewelry

7 Reasons Handcrafted Jewelry Is Better Than Mass-Produced Jewelry

Jewelry is a profound way of expressing yourself. In jewelry, a woman seeks to find something that makes her unique. Though each piece of jewelry, whether handcrafted or mass-produced, has inherent beauty, there are many reasons that handcrafted jewelry is in a class apart from others. What is it about handmade jewelry that draws our attention?  

Why Handcrafted Gothic Jewelry by Michelle Valadon Has a Timeless Appeal That Mass-Produced Jewelry Doesn’t Have

Handcrafted Jewelry

Almost every woman has that one signature piece of jewelry that becomes synonymous with her presence. It is usually something that she closely identifies with and becomes an integral part of her story. Once she comes across a piece that speaks to her and is made with the utmost care and attention, an emotional attachment is formed between the wearer and the piece.  This emotional connection with jewelry is something mass-produced jewelry, made with machinery, cannot replicate in the same way as a unique piece made by dedicated jewelers. Here are the reasons why:   

  • Exceptionality

Handcrafted Jewelry

Jewelers are artists. They want to capture the wearer's essence in every piece they make. Though they make multiple copies of a design, each piece is quite different. These jewelry pieces are made for a specific person with intricate detailing and profound thoughtfulness. The jewelers have these things in mind when they capture the undefinable personality unique to every handmade piece.

Certain jewelry pieces excite the seeker once they see them. At times, a piece of jewelry finds you. Though it is challenging to find an explanation for why handcrafted jewelry does this better than manufactured pieces, it could be because of the meticulousness jewelers pour into each piece they craft. This close attention to detail and the thought process that goes into each piece is noticeable and lends each piece a personality that speaks for itself. 

  • Customization and Uniqueness

Customization and Uniqueness Handcrafted Jewelry

Handmade jewelry, aside from being unique, offers the opportunity for customization. The skill and imagination of the jeweler bring to life truly unique pieces for you. For instance, jewelers can craft finely detailed pieces that suit your design sensibilities. Jewelers can also mix metals and stones to capture what you define as the perfect piece of jewelry.All pieces are made to order the moment an order is placed. This gives the feel of a custom piece made especially for those who purchase. Rest assured that these jewelry pieces are limited editions giving the feel of specialty where one never has to feel it will be seen all in mass quantities such as mass- produced items tend to give us.

Dedicated jewelers typically keep open lines of communication with clients to allow for imagination and thoughtfulness for their pieces. Although a particular piece may belong to a specific collection, the fact that these are handmade allows for varying levels of customization if desired. Skilled jewelers can make pieces from existing designs more meaningful to a client by personalizing them with the choice of stones, metals, or other features 

  • Excellent Craftsmanship and Quality

Customization Uniqueness Handcrafted Jewelry

Jewelers see each piece as a work of art and care deeply about the integrity of their work. So much thoughtfulness and care are poured into each piece, including the consideration that these pieces are enjoyed as heirloom pieces. Professional jewelers like Michelle Valadon are deeply committed to making unparalleled pieces that last for generations and the meaning it has for the wearer. 

One consideration that artisans and jewelers make when making handcrafted jewelry is the choice of materials. They do not economize on materials compared to mass-produced pieces and will constantly seek to use the best materials possible.  

  • Innovative and Pioneering

Handcrafted Jewelry

Handmade jewelers are in-step with the times. They know the latest trends in jewelry design and can make pieces that work well with current wardrobing options. Dedicated jewelers have the creative freedom to express themselves and can consider how their pieces will look once worn by their clients. On the other hand, mass-produced jewelry may follow the modern trends yet it lacks the creative experimentation that custom jewelry provides. The primary consideration of mass-produced jewelry designs is economy and speed of production.

As gothic jewelry or avant-garde designs influenced by vintage design cues are becoming more popular, certain details can only be achieved using specific tools and techniques available only to handmade jewelers. The perfect combination of intricate design, deep symbolism, and the ability to match contemporary, as well as vintage wardrobe options are only possible through dedicated jewelers like Michelle Valadon.


  • Being Ethically Sourced and Sustainable

Handcrafted Jewelry

Many handmade jewelers dedicate themselves to sourcing materials that come from ethical sources. For instance, Michelle Valadon works with reputed jewelers who source conflict-free gems and precious metals. Only diamonds that comply with the industry, such as the Kimberley Process or the Fair Trade Act, are upheld and certified by the GIA or EGL USA.

In today's capitalistic society, generating revenues is essential for any business. However, ethical concerns, fair labor practices, and conservation of resources used in production are matters that small businesses, such as those producing handmade jewelry, value. From an economic standpoint, handmade jewelers will conserve their resources as much as possible.  

  • Supporting Local Businesses

Handcrafted Jewelry

Patronizing handmade jewelers means supporting local businesses. Dedicated jewelers like Michelle Valadon make each piece in the US. They do not outsource or rely on cheap labor to personally ensure that they pour thoughtfulness and skill into each piece. 

The money that goes to handmade jewelers goes directly to the local economy. Purchasing handmade jewelry also means patronizing the growth of local communities and family-run businesses. Moreover, buying handmade jewelry plays a part in preserving the art of jewelry in the communities where these businesses are. 

  • Superior Customer Service

Handcrafted Jewelry

For handmade jewelers, keeping open lines of communication is essential to creating the fine pieces of jewelry that their clients love. Jewelers establish these lines of communication during the creation process. Handmade jewelers typically connect with their clients personally. The relationship and care they develop with each of their customers help them craft pieces that perfectly suit their clients.

Handmade jewelers are also transparent about their methods, design ethos, and source materials. Because their businesses are profoundly more personal than most others, handmade jewelers are more motivated to keep their customers happy with their products and how they look when worn.   

Only Handcrafted Jewelry Provides Pieces That Can Be Truly Called Your Own

Handcrafted Jewelry Necklaces

 Artisans make handcrafted jewelry that profoundly connects with the wearer. For customers who want to set themselves apart with something that speaks to their souls, only handcrafted jewelers can provide inspiring pieces that perfectly match their wearers. For the woman who wants to capture darkly romantic, edgy, and profoundly intricate vintage design aesthetics, Michelle Valadon is the perfect jeweler of choice. Using ethically-sourced materials, sustainable manufacturing methods, thoughtful craftsmanship, and purely local labor, she ensures that each ring, bracelet, necklace, and set of earrings, have the qualities you are looking for.