How Jewelry Impacts Women Personally and Emotionally

How Jewelry Impacts Women Personally and Emotionally

Jewelry has always been a symbol of femininity to women. Jewelry can signify a woman's social position, social status, or a means to express herself. For a woman, jewelry is more than just an adornment. Unlike most of her possessions, jewelry impacts women more deeply, personally, and emotionally, in many ways. Though some pieces of jewelry can be a substantial investment, the value of each piece transcends its monetary cost. Jewelry holds a special place in a woman's heart, with her dearest signature pieces becoming almost part of who she is.

Jewelry Is an Expression of a Woman's Uniqueness

 One reason that women are emotionally attached to their jewelry is that each piece represents their individuality. Each piece of jewelry is as extraordinary as the woman who wears it. The choice and cut of the stone, the intricate lines, and the precious metals that make up each piece are a unique expression of who the wearer is. 

Faceted Onyx Chandelier Earrings
The Petals of Divina Faceted Onyx Chandelier Earrings feature forms inspired by the windows of the great European cathedrals as if to provide glimpses into what makes a woman incomparable, her soul. Her uniqueness is highlighted by faceted onyx shaped like flower petals as a celebration of the wearer's femininity and as the unique creation she is.


 Jewelry Enhances Her Physical Beauty

 Jewelry is inherently beautiful. While a woman is drawn to a piece because it allows them to feel fashionable and distinctive, it can also be said that a piece finds the wearer because of how it enhances her features, making her even more captivating. A woman looks at herself differently once she wears a piece she is drawn to, such that her self-esteem soars.  This, in turn, empowers and strengthens her.   

Midnight in Paris Black Diamond Hoop Earrings

Each piece in Michelle Valadon's Enlightenment Collection adorns a woman and enhances her features, be it her physical attributes or those less tangible features that lie within her and make her who she is. The Midnight in Paris Black Diamond Hoop Earrings, with intricate lines inspired by the flying buttresses of the Notre Dame Cathedral, appear to frame the wearer's physical beauty. As you get closer to her, an exquisite surprise awaits in the form of black flushed diamond accents over textured silver. 

 Jewelry Helps Women Express Themselves

A piece can also express the wearer's beliefs, spirituality, traditions, and what she holds dear. Especially in the case of Michelle Valadon's Enlightenment Collection. Each piece is a profound expression of everything that makes the wearer extraordinary. The rich symbolism in the fine lines, textures, and choice of stones transcends the piece itself. The jewelry, after all, is actually about the wearer and everything within her. 

Onyx Necklace

The Majestic Faceted Onyx Necklace is a statement that showcases the many sides of the wearer as symbolized by a gleaming faceted onyx. As with a woman, each facet in the onyx stones is an integral part of making this necklace brilliant and fascinating.  Strewn in romantic silver details, mesmerizing onyx seems to radiate the eminence of the wearer. 

 Jewelry as Protection

For ages, jewelry in the form of amulets and charms has been a symbol of protection by a higher power. Not only does jewelry enhances the wearer's personality and beauty, but it can also connect her to something more powerful and profound. However, the protection provided by jewelry goes beyond religion. Jewelry also symbolizes the wearer's connection to the qualities and virtues to make her stronger.


Each piece we craft holds a deep meaning. The Strength in Virtue Maltese Cross Ring represents the protection provided by a woman's inherent qualities. The Maltese Cross symbolizes the values held by the Defenders of the Faith in medieval times. These values of heroism, bravery, and to "live in truth" are exemplified in the stunning red ruby the cross in this piece protects. The ruby itself represents the nobility, purity, vitality, and a life that is lived with unique values.  

Jewelry Is a Representation of Their Emotional Attachment 

The emotional significance of jewelry outweighs its monetary value. Jewelry is a reminder of an essential part of a woman’s life, be it an occasion, a person, or herself. An engagement ring given by her lover, a wedding band, or an heirloom ring given by her grandmother, the most special and sentimental pieces are as irreplaceable as a part of her physical body. Jewelry can also symbolize achievement, especially if someone acquires it after working hard to achieve their dream. Jewelry, for a woman, is a substantial part of herself, her life, and everything that makes her who she is. 


A ring is what we associate most with a piece that has a profound emotional attachment to us. The Diamonds of Eternity Diamonds Ring, with ethereal 14k white gold alternating diamond patterns, provides a framework featuring delicate milgrain patterns surrounding brilliant-cut diamonds that radiate feminine essence. Replete with symbols of eternity, the striking diamond patterns and stones of timeless appeal will endear the ring to the wearer. 

 Jewelry Makes a Woman Whole

As each one of us is unique, there will always be something that we are striving for. A piece of jewelry also symbolizes the virtues we want to strengthen or an endearing quality we wish to enhance. Jewelry is one way a woman builds a better version of herself. As she embraces her inner essence, she seeks a piece that will provide her with balance and peace. 

The Dual Harmony Black Diamond Necklace symbolizes a woman's eternal quest to balance her feminine and masculine energies. The alternating patterns of beads of onyx with open and closed diamond motifs, which in turn house brilliant-cut diamonds, encapsulate this quest. Each curve, stone, and space symbolizes a woman's journey to be complete and balanced.



As a homage to nature's perfect design, the Windows to the Soul Garnet Bracelet Cuff is inspired by sacred geometry. Its intricate and graceful patterns of rich textured silver celebrate nature's beauty and balance. Providing accents and contrast are the rich healing garnet stones to complete repeating patterns reminiscent of gothic windows. The bracelet is an expression of a woman's quest to unlock her full potential and open new possibilities to become actualized versions of themselves.

bracelet for women


 Final Thoughts:

Michelle Valadon's Enlightenment line seeks to enhance the uniqueness of every woman. Each piece we make is profoundly symbolic and draws out the meaning of what makes a woman what she is, impacting her deeply, personally, and emotionally. With our Gothic jewelry, the fine intricate lines and the choices of stones embrace each woman as delicate yet wonderful creation. There is no finer creation in this world than nature, and women are the finest expression of it. Our Gothic jewelry is a way for women to embrace their true worth by drawing deeper into their emotions. As a woman myself, I draw from the limits of my creative and physical abilities to provide women with something that transcends the monetary value of each piece to become something that they will hold dear.