The Influence of Sacred Geometry on Jewelry Design

The Influence of Sacred Geometry on Jewelry Design

Sacred Geometry” is often used by philosophers and mathematicians to describe various geometric patterns that have evolved in cultures worldwide. These patterns include the philosophical, religious, and spiritual. Sacred geometry refers to how repeating shapes and patterns are found in nature and deeply impact us mentally, physically, and spiritually. Sacred geometry describes the mathematical perfection of nature, whose existence is assumed to keep the universe together as a living system and is also believed to be the blueprint of everything that happens in the universe. Along with this belief, sacred geometry is also believed to be God’s way of designing the universe according to a geometric plan.

Pythagoras, an ancient Greek philosopher, theorized that all mathematical patterns in the universe are expressions of divine intelligence. Another ancient Greek philosopher, Plato, supported Pythagoras by saying that the universe is a place of harmonious and beautiful order. However, belief in the power of geometric shapes and their incorporation in various aspects of people’s lives was adopted by humanity over 10,000 years ago and is found worldwide. For instance, the overlapping circles with a 6-fold symmetry can be found in various locations worldwide, including China, Israel, Spain, Turkey, and Japan.

Sacred Geometry in Jewelry Design


Sacred Geometry in Jewelry Design

Aside from its use as an adornment to enhance the wearer’s physical attributes, the practice of wearing jewelry can be traced back to ancient times to denote a person’s place within a society. It has also been used as a symbol to associate an individual as being part of an elite group. For instance, priests and warriors wear them as well as women, members of the nobility, and other exalted people. The harmonizing effects connected to sacred symbols and shapes are part of many pieces of jewelry worn by these individuals. The belief was that wearing these, in the form of rings, necklaces, earrings, and pendants, facilitated balance, healing, and power of the people wearing them.

Designers are inspired by traditions of ancient civilizations whose myths and symbols were used in ceremonial or ritualistic practices. Today, sacred geometry is becoming a popular basis for patterns in jewelry design. Sacred geometry patterns are also inherently beautiful and help provide meaning to intricate forms in fine jewelry. Jewelry designs have been developed using numerous sacred geometric patterns. Ten of the most famous sacred geometry patterns incorporated in today’s jewelry are the Vesica Piscis, Golden Spiral, Tree of Life, Flower of Life, Seed of Life, Sri Yantra, Merkaba, Metatron’s Cube, Torus Knot, Gordian Knot, and derivatives from these designs.

Michelle Valadon’s Jewelry and Sacred Geometry

Michelle Valadon creates exceptional and versatile fine jewelry that is romantic, edgy, and inspired by vintage designs. What sets Michelle Valadon’s fine pieces apart is the deep symbolism incorporated into each piece. Sacred geometry defines the intricate lines that form each piece of jewelry, making them a beautiful statement that expresses the wearer’s femininity, romance, mystery, and perfection.

#1 Vesica Piscis

Vesica Piscis is a geometric mathematical shape formed by intersecting two circles with the same diameter. Its name translates to “bladder of a fish, which describes its resemblance to the shape of the swim bladder of most fishes. These two discs intersect such that the center of each lies on the center of the other. The intersection of the two discs symbolizes the mystical intersection of the spiritual and physical realms. The Vesica Piscis is also known in certain cultures as the symbol of light, unity, and represents the beginning of creation that denotes the divine femininity.


gothic bracelet


As a symbol of light and creation, the Vesica Piscis appears in certain design elements, especially in religious structures, such as cathedral windows in the High Gothic period. The Windows to the Soul garnet bracelet cuff celebrates nature’s perfect design with a universal grid inspired by the Vesica Piscis in a pattern that defines beauty, balance, and perfection. Its richly-textured silver provides the piece with old-world character. With accents of deep red garnets, the cuff reminds us of what we need to be in our divine feminine and unlock the potential inside us.

#2 The Golden Spiral

The Golden Spiral

The golden spiral persistently appears throughout nature. Like the growth patterns of a snail or nautilus shell, this widely recognized shape represents the golden ratio, Phi: 1.618034. Phi is an irrational number with digits that continue infinitely without a repeated pattern. The golden ratio can be found in all living forms, such as the arrangement of the seeds of a sunflower and the human skeleton.


This geometric pattern also appears in specific designs throughout history. As shapes are closely associated with celebrating nature’s perfection, the enchanting windows and other structural elements of some cathedrals from the high Gothic era also bear these patterns. Such design patterns inspired the design of the Midnight in Paris hoop earrings, with inner outlines being defined by the Golden Spiral. The textured silver provides an old-world charm to the piece, with startling black diamonds providing an exquisite surprise. These earrings offer the wearer a unique expression of her inner perfection.

#3: The Flower of Life


The Flower of Life

The sacred geometry of the Flower of Life, resembling a flower, is a powerful symbol that can be traced back for thousands of years and whose derivatives and forms can be found in various locations worldwide. The shape is composed of evenly-spaced overlapping circles that form a 6-fold symmetrical pattern like a hexagon. Examples of these patterns can be found in the Forbidden City in Beijing, China, as ornaments etched in the Temple of Osiris in Abydos, Egypt, and in decorations in temples around India. Derivatives of this sacred symbol are prevalent in mandalas in India and the Far East.

The Flower of Life represents the belief that all life is part of the divine, defined by a geometric plan. Many believe that the Flower of Life is a symbol that depicts the cycle of creation and that all life and consciousness arise from one source. The shape seems to grow as you observe the circle as the flower buds grow into fruit and produce seeds to begin the cycle of life once more.

gothic necklaces

The intricate mandala pattern of the Gardens of Adelaide black diamonds pendant necklace is inspired by the perfection of nature as it evokes imagery of vines and budding blooms intertwining. The radiating patterns are also a homage to the sacred geometry defined by the Flower of Life and its power and symbolism. Its elaborate patterns made with antiqued silver patina, accentuated with dreamy diamonds, are also profoundly feminine and filled with an old-world charm.

#4 The Diamond



The diamond symbol also occurs throughout history in many eras, cultures, religions, and esoteric sects. The diamond symbol signifies the butterfly, as it is identified with immortality. As it appears in northern Europe, the diamond symbol is the Dagaz Rune, which is the symbol of the dawn as it shows the duality between night and day. The rune represents enlightenment, awakening, satisfaction, and the ultimate truth. The most famous representation of the diamond, the rhombus, has two triangles intersecting at their bases with their apexes pointing upwards and downwards. The symbol represents the balance between the Yin and Yang energy aspects in every human being, as well as the dichotomy and balance of the male and female energies. The center point of the 4 diamond cross for example represents a foundational energy of unity and well being. 

gothic rings


The Gothic Diamonds and Diamonds of Eternity rings is inspired by the diamond shape, the beauty of contrast formed by the interlinking shapes where the positive and the negative are expressed in fine jewelry. The Diamonds of Eternity diamond ring is an ethereal white gold band with repeating diamond shapes representing the eternal. As this is also seen in Gothic Diamonds in silver with black diamonds. With delicate migraine patterns surrounding mesmerizing white or black diamonds, the piece exudes feminine essence with a timeless and eternal allure.  

Experience Perfection With Jewelry Inspired by Sacred Geometry

Michelle Valadon’s Designs believes in the inherent magnificence of every woman where sacred geometry derives from. It’s the greats like Leonardo Da Vinci and those from the Enlightenment period that were greatly influenced by the grid systems of proportions and the beauty that came from it. It’s also the concept of contrast from where light and dark, negative and positive, and so forth come from and were studied and inspired. By incorporating elements of sacred geometry in our fine jewelry designs, the goal is to achieve beautiful and deeply symbolic forms of these concepts that are truly profound, spiritual, and feminine. For seekers searching for fine jewelry that is made to connect them with the perfection of nature and pieces that define every woman’s exceptionality, Michelle Valadon’s jewelry collection is the perfect solution.