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The Meaning of Rings on Each Finger: Symbolism and Rules

Gothic Rose, with its oval-shaped mesmerizing black Brazilian onyx, matches well with the Gothic Diamonds and Strength in Virtue Maltese Cross ring worn on the same hand. 

For millennia, cultures throughout the world have ascribed significance to the practice of wearing rings. Though rings adorn hands to enhance the wearer's beauty, different traditions have given their own unique meaning to rings and how they are worn. With ten fingers, anyone can choose which finger or fingers their rings will be on. However, a ring is more than a simple adornment, there are also cultural and spiritual aspects behind why rings are worn on a specific finger.

The Truth Behind Ring Symbolism 

The Truth Behind Ring Symbolism

Gothic Diamonds black diamond ring in antiqued finish worn on the wearer’s left index finger. Once reserved for royalty, wearing a ring on this finger is a statement of peace, majesty, strong intent, and the wearer’s queenly attributes.

Today, we have inherited many traditions from cultures throughout history. Wearing rings can be traced back to ancient civilizations, such as the ancient Egyptians, who used leather and woven reeds to signify love. Among ancient cultures, it is the ancient Greeks who have influenced palmistry up to the present day. The hands and fingers are associated with the attributes of Greek gods. It is believed that wearing a specific gemstone on certain fingers brings good luck and embodies the characteristics of the corresponding deity.


The Left Hand 

Left Pinky Finger

The pinky finger is associated with the Greek god Mercury, which symbolizes intuition, persuasion, and intelligence. Wearing wedding rings on the pinky finger is historically significant. Throughout history, signet rings have been worn on the pinky finger to associate the wearer with a particular group or organization. In the early 20th century, men wearing two rings on their pinky fingers was the fashion. For a woman, a ring worn on the pinky finger stands for self-love. It has a personal meaning and signifies that a woman appreciates herself for who she is, regardless of her relationship status.

Left Ring Finger

The designation of the finger as reserved for rings is accepted by many cultures. The ring finger is associated with the Greek god Apollo and symbolizes eternal love, beauty, and creativity. The Romans believed that the vein connected to the heart runs through this finger, hence playing into the notion that the heart is the seat of emotion. Perhaps because of its connection to the heart, in the Western world today, the left ring finger is where one can signify their relationship status, whether married or engaged.

Left Middle Finger

The left middle finger is associated with the Greek god Saturn. The middle finger symbolizes power, balance, responsibility, and soul-searching. Wearing a ring on the middle finger doesn't have historical or cultural significance. However, you may wear a ring on your middle finger as a personal preference. Since it’s the longest finger on the hand it’s a good choice to show off your ring.

 Left Index Finger

One may wear rings on their index finger as a statement of authority and strong intent as it represents leadership and ambition. The left index finger is associated with the Greek god Zeus symbolizing peace or esteemed status. Historically, a ring worn on the left index finger was reserved for royalty. Dramatic and statement gemstone cocktail rings are usually worn on this finger as adornment as also the symbolism asserts the statement.

Left Thumb

The thumb is not associated with a Greek god. However, ancient Greek men wore rings on their left thumbs to signify their strong and dignified status, while for women, it symbolized willpower, tenacity, and self-assertion, which is still true today.

The Right Hand

Right Pinky Finger

In contemporary culture, wearing rings on the right pinky finger signifies professional status and prominence, especially in engineering and ecology.

Right Ring Finger

In some cultures, wedding rings are worn on the right ring finger rather than the left. Wearing wedding rings on the right ring finger is customary in Russia, Germany, and India. This finger can also represent self-love and is often used to celebrate milestones or accomplishments.

Right Middle Finger

Wearing rings on the right middle finger doesn't have a widespread set meaning.

Therefore, wearing a ring on this finger is a matter of personal taste or is open to interpretation. Like the left middle finger, this finger represents purpose and identity being the longest and tallest finger central position representing power and capability. 

Right Index Finger

The wedding ring is customary in Jewish culture, worn first on the right index finger in a ceremony. After the ceremony, some brides may wear their wedding rings on their left ring finger. Today, wearing a ring on the index finger, whether on the left or right, signifies familial loyalty.

Right Thumb

While most fingers are associated with Greek gods, the thumb has seemingly been left out. Wearing rings on the left thumb, has historical connections, as mentioned earlier. However, wearing rings on the right doesn't have Western cultural associations. In Chinese culture, though, the right signifies the yang, which embodies an individual's flexibility and adaptability, while the left symbolizes the yin, which stands for assertiveness.

Rules About Wearing Rings

Rules About Wearing Rings

The intricate shapes of the Gothic Diamonds and Diamonds of Eternity match any finger size and can be worn singly or on multiple fingers, or on both hands. Its white metal colors, as worn above, abide by the rules of matching colors for wearing rings.

Every ring sends a message.  However, overdoing it with rings may end up looking gaudy or distasteful. Stacking rings or wearing them on multiple fingers requires careful coordination and balance. For a ring to enhance the beauty of the wearer and send a strong and poignant message, there are specific protocols to keep in mind when wearing rings. 

Understand That Rings Send a Message.

The wearer must understand that wearing a ring carries a subconscious or subliminal message.

The ring may also signify an association with certain groups or your native culture. As we explained previously on the symbolism of rings on certain fingers, the wearer needs to choose what type of ring she will be wearing carefully and on what finger or fingers she will be wearing.

Balance Your Rings Across Your Hands

Balance is the art of wearing jewelry that looks even. Beauty is dependent on balance and proportion. If one side is off, your entire image will lose its desirability. The rule also applies to wearing rings. For instance, wearing rings on all five fingers on one hand along with the watch won't look harmonious. Though there is a level of experimentation involved, you need to try different combinations until you feel confident about the balance you have created with your jewelry.

Consider the Proportion of Your Rings to Your Fingers

Aside from balance, achieving harmony in how you wear jewelry also depends on selecting jewelry that matches your body, especially for rings. If you have large fingers, you may wear larger rings. If you have smaller fingers, you may opt for smaller rings instead. However, an exception could be made for jewelry pieces that have oval-shaped accents or repeating elongated accents. These shapes can match well with any finger, whether small or large. 

Match the Choices of Metals for Your Rings

The choice of metals doesn't end with your rings. When choosing metals, match them with your accessories to look more balanced and proportioned. If you prefer silver, for instance, it should also match with silver-colored accessories, such as your earrings and bracelet. The metal doesn't have to be the same as long as they blend, such as silver with stainless steel or white gold.

How You Choose To Wear Rings Is a Reflection of Your Soul 

 Wear Rings

Michelle Valadon Design believes rings, as well as their other pieces in the Enlightenment Collection, are a poignant expression of the wearer's soul. How they are worn connects deeply to the essence of the wearer. The rings themselves are profound expressions of how a woman has evolved into who she is through their intricate detailing and exquisite authentic jewels, which blend to enhance and actualize a woman. The specific fingers she chooses to wear them on provides a story of what she is like both inside and out. Whether you wear Michelle Valadon's gothic rings solo or on multiple fingers, they are the perfect opportunity to tell the world that you are both beautiful and profound.