The Sacred Feminine Archetypes and How Gothic Jewelry Represents Them

The Sacred Feminine Archetypes and How Gothic Jewelry Represents Them

Exploring your sacred feminine archetype can be a transforming experience. Each of us is unique and therefore uniquely beautiful. As individuals, we tend to resonate with a few of these sacred feminine archetypes more than others and are often deeply drawn to one or two in particular. There are no positive or negative sacred feminine archetypes. Each has its own shadow and positive side. Embracing the essence of being a woman depends on how you cultivate the positive qualities of each sacred feminine archetype within you. Michelle Valadon is on a mission to help women transform themselves by embracing the positive qualities of the sacred feminine archetypes within them.

What is a divine feminine archetype? 

 An archetype is a combination of behaviors, thoughts, and qualities that a woman or man possesses. Every one of us possesses both the divine feminine and divine masculine within us. Our uniqueness is shaped by how we balance each other or how we embrace each one over another.

The Divine Feminine Archetypes We Seek To Embrace and The Gothic Jewelry That Represents Them

The Maiden

The Maiden is the spirit that represents innocence, playfulness, and youth. She bursts with energy and has a passion and excitement for life. Positive and optimistic, she has yet to be jaded by the challenges of life that come with age. She is unafraid to show what she is, pure and unadulterated.

Gothic Jewelry
The Gothic Rose Cocktail Ring reveals a diamond-rose cut onyx in an intricate design like a blossom ready to bloom. A symbol of newness and rebirth, the ring reveals a woman prepared to take on the world, bursting with confidence and youthful optimism.

The Lover

 The Lover is passionate, confident, and connected to her sacred sexuality. She desires freedom yet craves a deep intimacy with others. Being grounded, she cherishes the present moment, expresses appreciation and devotion, and is noticed.

gothic earrings for women

Revealing, enchanting, and intensely sensual, the Midnight in Paris Hoop Earrings are an exquisite expression of passion and intimacy. Inspired by the flying buttresses of European gothic cathedrals, the piece enhances the wearer's beauty as how the buttresses hold towering cathedrals reach majestic heights. The black flushed diamonds that trace the front side and also the side of the earring reveals a magnificent surprise that completes the uniquely feminine design.

The Mother

The Mother is tuned into her caring, nurturing, and compassionate side. Whether she has children or not, she is a loving, protecting, and nourishing presence for those she cares for. She values life, creativity, and selflessness. She has qualities that make her shine as a business leader or mother figure.


The floral bud design on the Budding Blooms Black Diamond Stud Earrings symbolizes rebirth. The black diamonds come together, forming a cross that speaks about the divine intervention in creation. It’s also looked as a bloom budding taking form within its formation. The mesmerizing diamonds, a symbol of strength, power, and authority, brilliantly contrast with textured silver giving it a timeless charm. Creation, strength, and timelessness embrace the qualities of the Mother archetype.

The Enchantress

As the rigors of raising children have passed, a woman sees this stage as an opportunity to rediscover herself by exploring new hobbies and activities. The Enchantress is in every woman, whether they are mothers or not. She now has the maturity, wisdom, and clarity to help prepare her for new challenges as she enters the next phase in her life. She is someone who owns her sensuality and creative power in her newfound independence. The Enchantress can find ways to express herself, bring her ability to bear, and will not tolerate anything that will waste her time. A woman embracing the Enchantress within her has great strength and authority as she now embodies the feminine mystique and trusts her intuition.


The lava rock in the Gothic Mystique Necklace symbolizes the strength, calmness, and courage that provide the wearer stability through times of change. With alternating patterns of silver diamond-shaped accents and lava rock beads, it characterizes the balance a woman seeks to embrace as she enters a critical phase in her life. 

The Healer

The Healer archetype embodies deeply nourishing and nurturing qualities which they extend to everyone and everything around them. The Healer enables us to create a healthy relationship based on a genuine connection. The woman who cultivates the Healer archetype is present, patient, and compassionate. Her nurturing power helps another person by being at their side to support and nourish.

Bracelet for women

The Windows to the Soul is an intricately designed cuff highlighted by deeply healing, protecting, and strengthening garnet stones. Inspired by nature's perfect design, the exquisite flow shows beauty and balance. The relic of the past reminds us to embrace and unlock the Healer in each of us. 

The Creatrix

The Creatrix is also known and can be interchangeable with the Goddess or Muse archetype. The Creatrix is the writer, the artist, the storyteller, and the poet. The Creatrix shows up with integrity, honesty, and purpose. She is overflowing with ideas and does not hesitate to express her creativity which comes from a place deep within her soul.

 Earrings for Women

The elongated diamond shape of the Petals of Divina Chandelier Earrings is reminiscent of the windows of the great European cathedrals. These windows allow a peek into the inner life of churches as the earrings do into the wearer's soul. The petal shapes of hanging onyx are reminiscent of the creative power of nature. As in art and creation, the onyx stone symbolizes harmony, balance, and being true to oneself in every creative expression. 

The Priestess

The Priestess archetype aligns with the highest values and sacred purpose to serve everyone around them in some form. She is the archetype that embodies spirituality and the connection to her higher self, the Divine, or other realms and forms. The Priestess is deeply in-tune with her intuition and innate wisdom and trusts Divine guidance and inspiration as a guide in her pursuits. She never tires but is patient in pursuing higher knowledge and is grounded in nature.

 The Sacred Feminine Archetypes and How Gothic Jewelry

The Relics of Virtue is profoundly symbolic and contains all the characteristics that exemplify the Priestess archetype. The Maltese crosses bearing rubies symbolize virtue, nobility, vitality, purity, and the desire to "live in one's truth." The rosary-inspired necklace with the Maltese crosses interspersed among beads of onyx symbolizes the balance we all seek between the Divine masculine and Divine feminine and the harmony between these to connect to the Divine. 

The Queen

The Queen archetype is what makes a woman a natural leader. She is confident in taking charge, whether in her family, business, or romantic relationship, and is devoted to defending these. She relents at nothing to achieve her goals and will take meaningful steps to achieve them. The Queen understands investing in and nurturing her talent. She will always try to study, improve herself, and take valuable advice from people wiser than her. 

 Necklaces for women

The Majestic Necklace is a statement piece that expresses the wearer's queenly dispositions. Prominently displayed are brilliant-cut onyx stones highly symbolic of the wearer's mastery of her destiny and her state of being confident, balanced, and grounded. The brilliance of the stone and its radiating layout perfectly frames a wearer set on displaying, as well as taking on, her Queenly abilities. 

The Warrioress

Self-assured, courageous, and fiercely independent, the Warrioress archetype sets freedom and sovereignty in her life as her primary goal. She stands up for causes she believes in, especially by defending others she perceives as victimized. She is competitive within herself, goal-oriented, and committed to her objectives.

  Gothic Rings for women

The Strength of Virtue ring embodies the characteristics of a Warrioress featuring a Maltese Cross that has long represented bravery, heroism, and "to live in truth." The textured silver of the ring is reminiscent of the armor worn by the Defenders of the Faith as it protects a stunning red ruby mounted in the heart of the cross. The ruby represents nobility, vitality, and a life lived with sensuality and passion, which are the characteristics of a consummate woman who wants to embrace her Warrioress archetype.


The Wild Woman

The Wild Woman is difficult to define within ourselves because she has many faces. She is also known as the Witch, the Hag, the Medicine Woman, and the Wise Woman. She carries within herself stories and dreams, words and songs, as she is alive with creativity and has a heightened connection to her inner wisdom. 


The intricate patterns of the Gardens of Adelaide Necklace were created to enrapture the imagination. The exquisite patterns forming lines accented with brilliant black diamonds create a hypnotizing effect that harks back to the pleasant yet storied old European gardens in spring. These gardens have a wild quality, though cultivated, framing the vitality, potential of life, rebirth, and everything else a woman possesses. It embodies a woman's uniqueness and her many faces, talents, and innate attributes. Just like the woman who wears it, this piece captures the imagination of those who get to know her. 

The Wise Woman

The Wise Woman archetype is also known as the Crone. Though she represents the loss of fertility, activity, and youth, she has great experience, wisdom, and knowledge that she shares freely. Though she can be deeply introverted, the Wise Woman archetype is fully awake and deeply connected to both the Divine and her intuition. Her qualities serve as beacons to those around her to elevate and evolve.


The diamond-shaped patterns of the Gothic Diamonds Ring are inspired by the immortal. Like a wise woman and her intangible gifts, diamonds stand the test of time. Spellbinding black diamonds, at the center of floral-inspired beadwork, serve as a symbol of the authority, strength, and beauty within the wise woman who holds everything around her together.


Final Thoughts: Your Uniqueness Is Determined by How You Embrace the Divine Feminine Archetype You Closely Identify With

We all have each of these Divine Feminine archetypes within us. Some archetypes are dominant and others ebb and flow as we enter each phase in our lives. The Queen archetype takes over when we run our business or defend and preserve our marriage's sanctity. However, some may dominate while others lay dormant throughout our lives. Our uniqueness is characterized by the archetypes we choose to embrace. All of these archetypes are helpful in their own ways. Embracing one does not mean you reject the others. Gothic jewelry enhances and symbolizes the sacred feminine archetype you hold dear and the wonderful characteristics that archetype represents. Michelle Valadon's Enlightenment collection of Gothic jewelry also seeks to provide women with the key to embracing the sacred archetype they want to cultivate. As a woman evolves through her lifetime, she will work to develop these feminine archetypes as a part of her need to be complete, balanced, and unique.