What Fine Gothic Jewelry Styles have been the Most Popular?

What Fine Gothic Jewelry Styles have been the Most Popular?

Fashion styles never die. They just take a back seat for a while before cycling around again. Once one fashion style goes into hibernation for a time, another fashion style trends back. There is no specific rule about which fashion style will become popular again decades later. As for particular fashion trends that became popular after periods of hibernation, a cultural movement, such as music trends, a movie, or a famous personality, triggers its popularity. In its enhanced incarnation, a new generation embraces these fashion styles. The same can be said for jewelry styles, mainly gothic jewelry.

Described as exquisite, intricate, and unique, gothic jewelry has been a popular design since rising to prominence in the 1970s and beyond that reflects to the past. The design inspiration of gothic jewelry is historically taken from medieval, Victorian, and turn-of-the-century themes. The flowing lines that are also found in old-world cathedrals to the intricate lines that define the Renaissance, along with the Victorian and belle-époque jewelry styles, gothic jewelry is exceptional, and stands out against more mainstream jewelry styles. Today, specific gothic jewelry styles are leading the way in their surge in popularity. With Michelle Valadon, Here are four of the most popular delicate gothic jewelry styles and designs that are seen in the market:   

Fine Gothic Jewelry With Oversized Accents

Fine Gothic Jewelry

 A jewelry style that is known for being exceptional, gothic jewelry with oversized accents, whether in the form of large stones and/or intricate detailing frames of filigree, is embraced by more women with this design.

Jewelry is a form of self-expression. With its profound symbolism and intricate designs, gothic jewelry is ideal for this purpose. The designs of fine gothic jewelry work well with evening wear to everyday wear despite having substantial accents, giving an air of majesty. For women looking to define and owning their femininity with confidence, gothic jewelry with oversized accents is subtle and makes a powerful statement.

Michelle Valadon, as one of the leading innovators of vintage-inspired gothic jewelry, creates stunning pieces that profoundly define this growing trend. The Majestic Black Onyx Necklace, with its breathtaking stones framed by intricate delicate silver framing details, creates a powerful aura of mysticism, class, and confidence, elements that make this growing trend of oversized accents endearing today. 

Elegant Pieces Inspired by Old World Architecture

gothic bracelet

Another trend that is making its way onto the fashion scene is fine jewelry pieces inspired by classic architecture. In gothic jewelry, the influence of architecture is aptly inspired by the delicate yet powerful and uplifting lines found in Gothic cathedrals.

The design inspirations of Michelle Valadon’s fine gothic jewelry borrow heavily from the intricate lines and architectural design cues found in old-world cathedrals and other vintage design elements such as those found in the Renaissance to the Turn of the Century era. The rich textured silver of the links found in the Windows to The Soul  garnet bracelet cuff has deep symbolism to the piece and is reminiscent of old-world gothic windows. The deep red accents formed by mesmerizingly cut garnets provide character and symbolism of passion to the piece. The delicate floral patterns formed by these vintage architectural elements also celebrate nature’s perfect design as it creates a universal grid of beauty and balance. 

Nature-Inspired Patterns

Nature-Inspired Patterns

 Another trend found in gothic jewelry is delicate lines that form the patterns in nature particularly in florals and roses. Aristocratic and Victorian goth jewelry designs often borrow heavily from the free-flowing design at the turn of the century, with exceptional color choices for choice of stones and metals. Michelle Valadon’s fine gothic jewelry designs are significant proponents of gothic jewelry that are profoundly symbolic of the feminine essence, which is deeply rooted in nature as a part of the dichotomy that separates female from male energies. 

gothic earrings
 Nature’s perfect design is deeply rooted in crafting the Budding Blooms  black diamond earrings by Michelle Valadon. The floral patterns formed by the prongs holding single-cut diamonds evoke budding flowers that profoundly symbolize rebirth and the cyclical power of nature. The textured silver finish lends the timeless old-world charm yet mesmerizing quality that defines gothic jewelry.  
gothic rings michelle valadon

The Gothic Rose  black onyx cocktail ring has an intricate floral design that forms a flower in full bloom, deeply symbolic of nature’s rebirth. The diamond-rose cut of the onyx lends a mysterious aura that genuinely defines this exceptional piece.  

gothic fine jewelry

The Gardens of Adelaide black diamond pendant necklace, with its freely flowing floral patterns form a dome similar to those found in turn-of-the-century open garden gazebos and/or garden labyrinths that were en-vogue in European gardens during the Victorian era.  With accents provided by black diamonds, it evokes a starry sky seen through the patterns. 

Rosary-Inspired Necklaces


Because people embrace fine jewelry as more than adornments, fine jewelry is also appreciated as deeply symbolic pieces and what tells a story for the wearer. Rosary-inspired jewelry has always been present throughout the centuries. However, instead of pearls, the choices of gems are healing stones such as lava rock and semi-precious stones such as onyx that have been incorporated into the designs.

Rosaries were known as spiritual items and then gothic jewelry uses this style as their own personal statements and others are drawn to the style alone. Michelle Valadon adopts this design mostly for the style and spiritual essence, reminiscence, and aura it carries with it and what suits the individual’s preference. The choice of brilliantly-faceted onyx with a Maltese cross with stunning ruby or garnet accents is featured in Michelle Valadon’s Relics of Virtue and Relics of the Revival. For the wearer who seeks to promote a feeling of character, this vibrant piece with antiquated silver links and exquisitely crafted accents truly captivates. 


 The Dual Harmony rosary-inspired black diamond necklace, which symbolizes the eternal quest to balance the female and male energies, is formed by luxurious black faceted onyx beads with alternating closed and open diamond motif accents housing full-cut diamonds in the closed motifs. The Dual Harmony necklace lends a sensitive, discerning, and penetrating expression while being delicate and dainty for the woman who wants to create a powerful yet subtle statement piece that can be layered to add a more prominent feature to a wardrobe.


The Timeless Appeal of Fine Gothic Jewelry Is Here To Stay

 gothic fine jewelry 

Gothic jewelry appeals to anyone who values expression provided by the exquisite exceptionality of each piece. Gothic jewelry, indeed, with its subtle tones combined with delicate or bold lines, and choice of stones, also appeal to any person who wants to express themselves. Jewelry is an adornment that appeals to the wearer’s emotion as much as to enhance the physical. Beyond its intrinsic value, jewelry has a solid emotional value it brings the wearer. In the case of gothic jewelry, its spiritual muses magnify the appeal and allure of the style. Michelle Valadon Designs also brings the elements of feminine essence, sensuality, and allure to the fashion-conscious woman.