Why Black Diamonds Are So Special

Why Black Diamonds Are So Special

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The affinity of humanity to diamonds extends through millennia. Understandably, no substance on earth can match diamonds for their toughness, rarity, and beauty, making them valued by many cultures worldwide. Through the centuries, diamonds have become rich in symbolism because of their unique attributes. Their physical attributes of hardness and strength were known and utilized by the ancient Greeks that gave the diamond its name, "indivisible," believed to bring strength and courage. The Greeks and Romans believed that diamonds were tears of the gods, and owning them was a blessing to receive. Roman soldiers wore them in battle to protect them from harm, and diamonds were given as divine gifts to be a charm of protection. However, most of the characteristics we commonly associate with diamonds are usually reserved for clear diamonds or diamonds of other colors besides black. These dark, mysterious gems are seen as a channel between the spiritual realm and the physical one, unlike other varieties. Black diamonds represent inner strength, truth, and justice. They are ideal for the woman who wants to stand apart and stand strong in her conviction.

What Makes a Black Diamond Special

Rare & Tough, Even Among Diamonds

A diamond is a stable isotope of carbon arranged in a cubic crystalline structure. Tremendous pressure and heat from the depths of the earth form diamonds in a process that takes millions of years. However, unlike the more common graphitic carbon, diamonds are extremely rare and can be mined profitably in select places on earth. Diamonds are found naturally in rocks called kimberlite formed in old volcanic pipes. The forces of nature subject these rocks to wear, hence the relative abundance of diamonds in alluvial deposits near places with large quantities of kimberlite.

Black diamonds are distinguished from other diamonds because of their color. What gives black diamonds their distinctive color is the inclusions of graphite, pyrite, and hematite spread relatively evenly throughout the stone. Natural black diamonds are the toughest and heaviest diamonds in existence. Natural black diamonds are found exclusively in mines in Central Africa and river deposits in Brazil, making them even rarer than their more famous clear or off-color cousins. Unlike other diamonds, black diamonds have the unique property of absorbing light in places where the black hue is. When set on jewelry such as a ring, a pendant necklace, or an earring, there is rarely any gemstone that can match the depth and beauty of its black accentuation.

Its Mysterious Birth

Black Diamonds rings

Brazilians, who gave them the name “carbonado,” were the first to discover black diamonds and recognize their value. There are only debated theories surrounding how such rare diamonds form. One of the most controversial theories regards extraterrestrial origins. Analysis of supernovas reveals chemical components comparable to what is found in black diamonds. One of the prevailing theories for the formation of black diamonds is the high levels of heat experienced by the earth when it collides with a supernova. Using the principles stated in this theory, artificially forming black diamonds from ordinary white diamonds with significant imperfection is possible through heat or irradiation processes.

As mysterious as the creation of black diamonds, the Budding Blooms stud earrings form a cross that speaks of the divine mystery surrounding creation. The floral patterns in bloom formed by textured silver holding brilliant-cut black diamonds also serve as a symbol of rebirth. 

The History of Black Diamonds

Rare as black diamonds are, there have been notable black diamonds throughout history. From the infamous Black Orlov Diamond that used to weigh 195 carats, to the massive Spirit of the Grisogono, which weighs 312 carats, and the elusive 202-carat Black Star of Africa, these stones are valued not only for their intrinsic qualities but for their symbolism. Notable owners of black diamonds were King Louis XVIII of France, the Duke of Brunswick, and current celebrities such as Lady Gaga.

Black Diamonds Are an Emotional Stone


Black Diamonds Necklaces


In Italy, touching a black diamond is thought to bring good fortune and luck to a marriage, which would help the newlywed couple survive the rigors of marital life. Their culture considers black diamonds as a sign of reconciliation.

The black diamonds that found their way into the rest of Europe in the late 19th century fit nicely with the trend of adopting dark gemstones that came into fashion starting in 1861. The fascination with the macabre and the afterlife combined with the majestic charm of its graceful lines of crafted detailing and the dark appeal of stones like black diamonds define the avant-garde jewelry of the era. 

The dreamy patterns of the Gardens of Adelaide are reminiscent of old-style European gardens that evoke the era when black diamonds were the rage. The full bloom flower motif and silver textured patterns accented with the deep black diamonds create an emotional sparkle to the wearer and those who see it. 

Black Diamonds Are the Quintessential Gothic Stone

Though the jewelry embraced by the gothic subculture is mired in contradictions, they were consistent with their choice of colors. Gone are the rich varieties of colors in typical jewelry, which more closely identifies with the sun, warmth, and masculinity. The jewelry adopted by the gothic subculture expresses the deep mysticism and coldness associated with the moon and the night. With the black diamond's unique characteristic of absorbing light efficiently, there is rarely any stone that can embody darkness better than a black diamond. 

Black Diamonds Identify Closely With the Divine Feminine

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Black diamonds are essential symbols of several divine feminine archetypes inherent in each woman. Black diamonds, strong symbols and embodiment of these archetypes help a woman enhance the positive aspects of the archetypes they choose to embrace. A woman also enhances her divine feminine archetypes by finding the balance between the divine masculine and divine feminine energies within and around her.

Black Diamonds Necklaces

Whether a woman bears a child or not, the mother archetype is within each woman. Most women have maternal instincts, which can be seen whether they lead their children or an organization. As they mature, they bring forth the divine feminine archetype of the wise woman. The black diamond symbolizes power, strength, and timelessness because of its inherent qualities. The spellbinding black gems, such as those that accentuate the Gothic Diamonds Ring and the Budding Blooms Gothic Earrings, personify these divine feminine archetypes. The balance between the divine masculine and feminine is symbolized by the Dual Harmony Onyx and Black Diamond Necklace with its alternating pattern of powerful onyx stones and full-cut diamonds in a closed textured silver diamond motif.

The diamond shape has a profound meaning and symbolism that defines the sacred geometry of the divine masculine and the divine feminine as separate forces of nature. With one half being a triangle pointing upwards representing fire and the sun symbolizing masculine energy, the other half pointing downward representing water, moon, and feminine energy, the diamond shape represents the wholeness that unites both these energies in perfect sacred entirety.

Black Diamonds Embody the Essence of a Woman

Black Diamonds Embody the Essence of a Woman

Black diamonds have been recently rising in demand because of their inherent qualities. Their rarity and unique properties have spurred a rebirth in the form of gothic jewelry and belle-epoque designs that appeal to every woman. In their exceptional way, once black diamonds are mounted into fine jewelry, they manage to enhance the beauty and essence of the woman who wears them.

The unique charm of black diamonds, along with their deep symbolism, makes the woman irresistibly beautiful through their timeless allure and distinctive character. Enchanting and sensual, the Midnight in Paris Hoop Earrings, express passion and intimacy, while the surprising black flushed diamonds mounted on the front and sides provide a sumptuous wonder as she draws you closer to her.

Final Thoughts: Black Diamonds Are Rare Wonders That Symbolize You

The value of the black diamond goes beyond that of its inherent qualities of strength and toughness. Its unique charm, aesthetics, and symbolism have steadily increased its popularity beyond the gothic subculture. Now, women are beginning to appreciate how a black diamond embodies their inner qualities of strength, endurance, beauty, charm, and sensuality. While it is a gem that is exceptional for producing the deepest black accents, the black diamond is truly a stone that any woman can embrace as her own regardless of attire or occasion.