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About Michelle Valadon Designs

Michelle Valadon Designs

“It is not sufficient to see and to know the beauty of a work. We must feel and be affected by it.” – Voltaire.

Do you admire for the beauty and charm of a time long ago? Do you yearn for the uniqueness of something out of the ordinary, something that can express your true authenticity, feminine allure and individual strength? After all, that is where true beauty lies. Within you there is a deep appreciation for the exquisite, for intriguing mystery and the wonder of the extraordinary. There is a desire for treasures of times past and their embodiment of creativity, craftsmanship, and quality. 

Michelle Valadon Designs is comprised of intricate jewelry that connects the wearer to their inner strength. This is jewelry design that transforms and enhances the woman through embracing the law of beauty and quality that is reminiscence of times past. Inspired pieces are artfully created for the dark romantic, the nostalgic dreamer, the sophisticated trendsetter, the lover of nature and all who desire something special that is uniquely its own…

Company Vision

Our vision is to celebrate the golden rule/sacred geometry of design with exquisite pieces that are reminiscent of the romance of the past. We believe every stylish woman deserves to experience her femininity, spirituality, and sophisticated essence to empower herself and transforms her and her wardrobe.


Our connection to beauty and reaching our full potential can be seen when looking at the formation of a pearl, where something beautiful comes from an unexpected struggle. A diamond withstands immeasurable pressure to become the radiant and sought after gemstone it is meant to be. When wearing a precious stone or piece of jewelry, we are reminded of what we have overcome, what we have become, and who we can become.

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