Antique design concepts and symbolism that influence Michelle Valadon Gothic Fine Jewelry

Antique design concepts and symbolism that influence Michelle Valadon Gothic Fine Jewelry

Antique design concepts and symbolism that influence Michelle Valadon Gothic Fine Jewelry

For anyone seeking quality fine jewelry that is versatile, edgy, and has a unique vintage aesthetic, Michelle Valadon jewelry is a perfect choice. However, it is not all about aesthetics.  These pieces of handcrafted jewelry are profoundly symbolic of the fashion-conscious woman who seeks to express sensuality, allure, and beauty powerfully. Michelle Valadon combines design elements from the past and the perfection provided by the sacred geometry of nature. These fine pieces set themselves apart from the mass market of jewelry because of their exclusivity and distinctive style.

Design Inspirations for Michelle Valadon’s Fine Jewelry

Design Inspirations for Michelle Valadon’s Fine Jewelry

The design cues that distinguish Michelle Valadon's line of fine gothic jewelry from more traditional jewelry and typical gothic jewelry are their sources of inspiration. To truly capture the romantic essence of the past, she values, craftsmanship and attention to the fine lines and details that unerringly stay faithful to what makes past designs remarkable and exceptional. That is why the discriminating woman genuinely feels Michelle Valadon’s jewelry is undeniably distinctive from mass-produced jewelry. With Michelle Valadon’s fine jewelry, a woman will always have her lovingly handcrafted unique piece that has that antique flair and well thought out design reminiscent of something from another time. 

The design and symbols adapted by Michelle Valadon represent the more subtle take on the female side of the dichotomy of dark and light. The perfection of the sacred geometry in nature and as adopted by the great European cathedrals is found in all of Michelle Valadon's fine jewelry as she also designs pieces that are of the feminine in motifs in nature.


A Short History of Gothic Jewelry and Concept Inspirations 


 Gothic jewelry traces its origins to the medieval era. Jewelry identified as “Gothic” became popular during the peak of the Gothic cathedral building era, known as the "High Gothic" era, of the 12th to 13th centuries. The fine jewelry dated from this period did not reflect the architectural cues and muted colors we associate with gothic jewelry nowadays. Nevertheless from its inception, Gothic jewelry challenged women to break the prevailing norms of conformity. 

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Fine Victorian jewelry incorporates some design cues highly symbolic of these concepts, such as black stones, silver patina, and intricate forms in the design elements that are seen in Gothic Jewelry. Most designs in the Enlightenment Collection have an assortment of black stones such as black diamonds and Brazilian faceted Rose cut Onyx. The framed intricate designs and detailing metalwork are created in mind like the days gone by. An antiqued finish is applied to give the appearance of an old-world charm aesthetic that symbolizes the weathered seasons of her transformations.  As for other jewelry designs in the collection, red garnets or rubies are other stones utilized. The Windows to the Soul Bracelet is profoundly elegant with its refined look, emphasis on femininity, and sophisticated designs. The design carries an antique representation and reminiscent unions of medieval and turn-of-the-century elements that breathe something uniquely of its own in its balanced motifs and textures. The inspirations of the texture and design motifs can be linked both to gothic architecture and to an entrance of a wrought iron gate of a European garden, welcoming one to embrace her potential. The textures symbolize the flaws that make them the unique woman she is. The garnets are a representation of the passion and life force within her. 

Michelle Valadon, a major proponent of gothic jewelry, adopts Gothic elements in architecture from the high middle ages and design elements, including motifs found at the beginning of the turn of the century and a little beyond. Conventional gothic jewelry adopts skulls, ankhs, and macabre images, while on the other hand, the finest gothic jewelry created by Michelle Valadon is inspired by the profound symbolism and ornate lines provided by flying buttresses, pointed arches, vaulted ceilings, and vintage-stone-like textures, and ornate decorative elements that hark back to images of a romantic past and distinguishes femininity. 

The Subtle Beauty of Nature 

Subtle Beauty of Nature

The perfection provided by the beauty of nature is deeply profound in its symbolism of the feminine. The lines formed in making Michelle Valadon's jewelry are also inspired by the wintery vines, budding blooms, and subtle forms of nature. These forms provide deep symbols of femininity and its relationship with new life, to birth, and growth.

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The Gardens of Adelaide, with a full-bloom motif, is inspired by sacred geometry and old-world European garden settings such as iron motifs to labyrinths. With a slightly domed exterior, this pendant is fitted with brilliant black diamonds resembling an open gazebo where you can see the stars sparkle. The stones themselves have symbolism deeply connected with the divine feminine of strength and passion. The delicate vine-like patterns arranged in a perfectly symmetrical pattern symbolize the perfection of nature and the balance of feminine and masculine energies. It was and is sought after to own a piece for its unique design, delicate detailing, and the importance of craftsmanship. Such characteristics parallel the delicate nature of a woman.

The Staggering Beauty of Old European Cathedral Designs

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Hailed as bibles in stone, the intricate patterns employed in old European cathedral designs, enjoyed their peak during the High Gothic era.  They incorporated practical yet highly-symbolic forms that not only supported the structure of huge cathedrals to allow more light into the massive structures and allowed them to reach unprecedented heights, but also celebrated the glory of creation. 



Such design cues are highly represented by the Petals of Divina faceted onyx chandelier earrings. Their vintage-inspired design is punctuated by elongated faceted onyx reminiscent of floral petals as an ode to the feminine and the divine. A refined expression of homage to the romance of gothic architecture, the elongated diamond shape is reminiscent of petal-shaped motifs that comprise the windows of old European cathedrals. The texture, as seen in all pieces, carries an antique feel and a glowing sheen with an old-world essence charm that resembles the beauty of our imperfections that live within us and shape who we are in our uniqueness. 

The Connection to the Divine Feminine   



With the deep symbolism and affinity to the divine feminine present in our fine gothic jewelry, the wearer becomes aware of her true potential, embodies the feminine archetypes, and develops those elements that make her a complete, balanced, and exceptional woman. Each piece is a reminder to tap into the feminine energy and archetype and feel transformed.

 The intricate styling and textures of the diamond-shaped gothic motifs of the Gothic Mystique necklace typify the profound inspiration drawn from the past to exemplify this connection to our feminine energy and spirituality with the rosary-inspired necklace design. The diamond shape symbolizes the balance between masculine and feminine energies shaped in ornate vintage floral forms reminiscent of gothic stone works inspired by old-world cathedrals. The beads of lava rock, a grounding stone that strengthens one’s connection to mother nature, provide a mysterious accent to the entire piece. The lava rock, formed from the earth forged by fire, thus aptly symbolizes rebirth. It gives us calmness and courage, allows stability through times of change, and transforms us to our full potential. All these link back to the divine and the sacred creation that seeks balance for life to flourish.



The confident woman who is deeply sensual, inherently attractive, and subtly powerful, she is someone who is cultivating the Queen archetype and her majestic properties. The aptly named Majestic Necklace with high-quality Brazilian faceted rose cut onyx perfectly represents the Queen archetype. The faceted rose cut resembles the many facets of a woman. With a radiating setting of staggeringly beautiful faceted onyx, it delicately frames a woman who exudes strength, confidence, harmony, and balance while being beautiful inside and out. Its finely detailed frames of silver holding shiny rose-cut Brazilian onyx are a homage to the fine metalwork and careful craftsmanship of vintage jewelry that makes this piece intricate and eye-catching. Michelle Valadon Designs follows through with the same principles of yesterday’s design approaches and brings a symbolic meaning and purpose.

Final Thoughts

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The romantic past inspires the romantic present through the old-world charm of fine lines, antique finishing, and intricate details found in Michelle Valadon's fine jewelry. The styles adopted by Michelle Valadon appeal to women looking for something exceptional beyond the mass market of traditional jewelry. If you are looking for fine jewelry that does more than make a fashion statement, these exquisite pieces of lovingly-crafted jewelry also represent and remind the wearer of her feminine essence. For the wearer, the antique design concepts taken from the storied past are a powerful and majestic way to express themselves while exuding an alluring, seductive, and beautiful presence that they can't find elsewhere.