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Textured enriched 18K yellow fine gold coin-like pieces with rough diamond earrings

Ceres Treasures Oval Coin Drops

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Textured enriched 18K yellow fine gold coinlike pieces with rough diamond earrings

A small accent with a large, golden sparkle, these earrings glitter with a rich golden hue with its textured surface. Above each oval coin is a natural rough diamond with just a hint of green in its purest natural raw form. Perfect with its matching necklace Ceres Treasures I or any other gold piece.

ABOUT STONE: Diamonds in the rough are in their natural state and removed from the depths of the earth. They are a work in progress and prior to undergoing to polishing process.
  • Metal: 18k yellow gold (solid gold) with hook
  • Stone: Natural rough Diamonds: Approx. 1.11 carat each (2.22 carat. total weight)
  • Length including hook: 1 ”

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