Our Connection With Jewelry: The Pearls and Diamonds Within

Our Connection With Jewelry: The Pearls and Diamonds Within

Each of us is an exceptional creation. Each of us has a soul that has gone through a remarkable journey that shaped each of us to become someone extraordinary.

From the deep and dark, mysterious waters are where a pearl life forms…It starts as an irritant inside a mollusk shell. Just like a soul is truly unique and like no other, nor are two pearls identical. In the beginning, the seed isn't as valued, but as it develops, it becomes a treasure of the most beauty sought after. Pearl divers intentionally seek irregular and stunted growth mollusk shells where the pearls are found. These shells are not the most beautiful on the outside, but inside, they know what has been created and formed within. The ones that are often the most challenged and pressured are where the most unique pearls can be found- much like humans along their souls' journey. Our souls can be found and are very much like the iridescent and unique irregularities of these gems.

We can look at the formation of a pearl where something comes from an unexpected struggle so does a diamond with the immeasurable pressure to become the radiant and sought-after gemstone it is meant to go through. The development of the pressure creates the forming and evolving, then the delicate process of exact proportions to follow for a master cutter to cut its radiant shape to brilliance and then polish it just like us, who are shaped to our potential and radiance. After all, we are made of the same material as a diamond and stardust.

And with gold, it is through the flames of a purification process that begins with melting away the impurities similar to us through a process of our bodies to our souls being purified to our potential. The philosophy of the journey of the soul and gemstone is a fascinating, spiritual, and magically paralleled one. It is this where we find the connection to something spiritual as well as to the jewelry gemstones. When wearing a precious stone or piece of jewelry, we are reminded of what we have overcome, what we have become, and who we can become. It is our connection to something spiritual within whom we are created and a reminder of this.

Over time, the signature pieces of jewelry we wear become part of us and complete us. Contrary to popular belief, jewelry is not just an accessory or complement to a woman. Jewelry is a meaningful part of what makes her what she is. Like the wearer, the journey of creating each piece of jewelry, from the metal that frames its mesmerizing aspects to the choice of stones, is one of discovery and actualization. Just as a pearl forms from sand that settles in oysters or how metal is forged from force and fire, so is a woman formed in her own journey of trials and tribulations. This journey inspires Michelle Valadon Designs. It is a journey defined by nature and governed by laws that are divine and perfect, making each woman a sublime creation. Michelle Valadon strives towards that perfection by following the journey and crafting each piece, whether rings, earringsbracelets, or necklaces, to become a consummate part of completing the woman they adorn.

Forged by Fire, Formed by Nature, Designed by the Divine To Be Perfect

Our Connection With Jewelry: The Pearls and Diamonds Within

Every human being is a part of nature’s perfection. What we see within ourselves are marks that make us exceptional. Each of us is on our own journey to becoming what we aspire to become. However imperfect and incomplete we may feel, we are still a manifestation of perfection at any point in our journey. We strive and struggle through the forces that define life. Yet, each of us is special, like hand-forged vessels of beauty and uniqueness.


Behold the pearl. A pearl is a piece of nature’s perfection formed by humble creatures to turn a seemingly unassuming irritant like sand into a lustrous and coveted object.  As an oyster creates pearls by secreting a substance in response to the sand, we become who we are by how we respond to the challenges that life brings. Like women, no two pearls are the same. Each is an exceptional creation of nature. As a thing so prized, so is a person’s soul, formed from innocence to become something wiser, more substantial, and sublime. 

Our Connection With Jewelry: The Pearls and Diamonds Within

Behold the diamond, the toughest and one of the most astounding substances known to man. Formed from the depths of the earth, forged by an unimaginable amount of fire, pressure, and time, it has become a rare and coveted stone. Such is parallel to what forms us. Life has tremendous forces that forge us to become what we are. Like diamonds, our soul is formed to nature’s perfect design.   

Our Connection With Jewelry: The Pearls and Diamonds Within

Behold the gold, silver, and rare metals. Formed in the stars by forces we can only imagine, they serve as manifestations of nature’s perfection. Like gold, all that makes us is also formed in the stars. Each of us is stardust and we are made of the same carbon material as a diamond. We are also formed and purified like the process that goes into crafting intricate pieces of the most stunning pieces of jewelry. Much like the intricate jewelry we were inspired to create, we are perfect vessels holding sublime souls.   

Sacred Geometry and Nature’s Perfect Design

Our Connection With Jewelry: The Pearls and Diamonds Within

All cultures, unconnected by time or distance, have formed parallel concepts of geometrical perfection. From the rhombus shape, which forms what we know as a diamond, to the idea of the tree of life, which is found in cultures worldwide spanning millennia, each celebrates nature’s perfection of life, birth, and rebirth and attributes these to a higher power. These shapes and concepts are what we now call sacred geometry, or the golden rule. 

Sacred geometry is not an artificial concept. Though cultures have transmitted such forms in writing and architectural designs, sacred geometry is also found in nature. Such perfection is found in the sacred ratio, which defines how a conch shell forms or determines the arrangement of sunflower seeds and the human skeleton. Sacred geometry found in the six-sided tree of life also sees parallels in nature through the hexagonal crystalline structure from snowflakes to the formation of beehives.

Sacred geometry and its profound meaning connecting it to nature are what inspire our design concepts.

There is rarely a design made by man that celebrates and respects the profoundness of what forms each of us. As each woman is unique, so is each woman a perfect creation. The variations of perfections and imperfections is what makes us all truly unique as counterparts like our stones and textures in metals. With exceptional sublime souls forged by the forces of life, mesmerizing stones accentuate and provide the soul to each jewelry piece, with each piece becoming an integral part of who wears them.

Michelle Valadon Jewelry and Its Emotional Connection to Its Wearer

Our Connection With Jewelry: The Pearls and Diamonds Within

We believe jewelry manufacturing was never meant to be mechanical. Jewelry is meant to be deeper and made with utmost attention and emotion. It is also meant to hold an emotional connection. These are the principles that we embody in each piece we create. There are many meaningful parallels between each of us and the precious gemstones and metals used in our jewelry designs. For example, when our eyes twinkle like diamonds when we feel bliss and also resembles our tears, like pearls that resemble our teeth, and our glowing skin that resembles precious metals, so is the jewelry we create should also be beautiful and profoundly emotional.

We make jewelry that connects closely to its wearer. That is why we craft each piece with the delicate care each woman deserves. We seek to define the emotion, beauty, and symbolism that connect Michelle Valadon’s collection to the wearer.

Michelle Valadon Creations Are a Celebration of Our Journey To Be Perfect Expressions of What Makes Us Exceptional.

Our Connection With Jewelry: The Pearls and Diamonds Within

My love and appreciation of each woman’s soul inspire me to create more pieces to celebrate the unique qualities that make each woman sublime and worthy of being appreciated and valued. Michelle Valadon creates pieces inspired by Sacred Geometry to form incredible pieces that are truly a part of us. From mesmerizing diamonds and astounding black onyx to lustrous pearls, each piece in our collections is created to be a perfect expression of the journey that makes each of us exceptional. 

Photo Credits: Michelle Valadon: Styling/art director and concept

Photo collaboration:Karen Campbell: Pearl jewelry photo editorials